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Conporec expands Quebec operation

Conporec Inc. (TSX venture: CNP), a company specialized in treating domestic waste through a patented composting te...

Conporec Inc. (TSX venture: CNP), a company specialized in treating domestic waste through a patented composting technology, has announced completion of construction of its new intensive treatment building in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec.

Through this $2-million investment, Conporec reaffirms its commitment to the Sorel-Tracy region to pursue its waste reclamation operations, with an unmatched performance of over 75 per cent.

“This investment brings Sorel-Tracy among the world’s leading waste reclamation facilities,” said Mr. Jean Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Conporec.

The investments will not only enable Conporec to improve equipment durability, but will also improve daily operations, including odour control. Using the technologies developed for the construction of its New York State facility (inaugurated September 19, 2005), this new intensive treatment area was designed to provide better processing efficiency and corrosion resistance. Improvements include: new building material, improved lighting system, enhanced compost-turning equipment, and upgraded odour-control systems. Overall, these modifications (and some others at the end of the composting process) are part of Conporec’s continuous improvement strategy.

About Conporec Inc.

Conporec Inc. treats and reclaims municipal solid waste through a unique and patented technology. This technology can reduce landfilling by 75 per cent and reclaim up to 100 per cent of the organic content. The resulting compost, which contains a very high level of organic matter, is then sold to market. The company has been operating a plant in Sorel-Tracy for over 10 years and has recently inaugurated its second plant in New York State. A third plant is currently under construction in France (suburban Paris) and Conporec is pursuing several other projects around the world. This socially responsible organisation is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (Ticker: CNP)

Contact Jean Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, at 450-449-9949 or visit

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