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Conference at PDA Congress

"Dsir durable", that's "Eco design"... is the theme of the 36th PDA congress in Monaco.

“Dsir durable”, that’s “Eco design”… is the theme of the 36th PDA congress in Monaco.

Taking into account that “to work for the protection of the environment is not simply an act of generosity or philanthropy, or a marketing response to a fashion trend. It is an absolute necssity for preserving the future mankind, and a real contribution to progress and business competitivenes”, the next PDA Congress invites us to taking up the challenge!

Sleever International environmental policy is founded on a very simple idea — the best packaging solutions, those of the future, are those whose impact on the planet is as limited as possible during their entire lifecycle.

Better use of natural resources through conservation, encouraging the recycling and enhancing of waste, limiting air emissions and effluents, controlling industrial risks associated with their production. These three principles have guided our company since its foundation.

Sleever International invites you to share the way to sustainable development thanks to SLEEVER innovations, in the conference organised during the PDA Congress (Grimaldi Forum, inside Luxe Pack exhibition), on Friday 31, October 2008 at 5.00 p.m.

To register, please send an email to with your contact details

Sleever International provides turnkey sleeving solutions to customers worldwide across the food, pharmaceutical, beverages, drinks and beauty markets.


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