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Company plans new film plastic recycling plants

Mountain Valley Recycling, a plastic film and bag recycling facility and resin manufacturer, has announced the addi...

Mountain Valley Recycling, a plastic film and bag recycling facility and resin manufacturer, has announced the addition of a new processing line to its existing production facility in Morristown, Tennessee and plants for new locations, including Ontario.

The company specializes in recycling post-consumer films such as grocery and retail bags, stretch wrap and municipal films. The new line adds 15 million pounds of recycling capacity annually. Mountain Valley has placed an order to install two additional recycling lines in 2006, bringing its film recycling capacity to over 70 million pounds per year.

To meet strong demand, the site selection and qualification process is underway to open three additional plastic film recycling facilities by the end of 2007. The first opening is scheduled for May 2006 with a 90,000 square foot facility in Ontario, Canada. Future recycling facilities will be located in Nevada and Texas to accommodate the flow of recovered material from Mountain Valley’s sourcing partner, NextLife Recycling.

NextLife collects and provides Mountain Valley with millions of pounds of post-consumer plastic film each year, with material recovered from nearly every state and province throughout North America. Mountain Valley recycles the recovered films and manufacturers 100 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins in both densified and pelletized forms, sold under OmegaHD, OmegaLD and OmegaLLD, to produce new plastic products such as trash pails, recycling bins, pallets, park benches, composite products and more.

“Packaging manufacturers, durable goods manufacturers, municipalities and other waste generators are realizing the economic and strategic benefits of recycling plastic films and reusing the material to produce new products. Mountain Valley’s post-consumer resins are in high demand, now more than ever,” says Daniel Schrager, president of Mountain Valley Recycling. “By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies at Mountain Valley, we convert grocery and retail bags, stretch wrap and other plastic scrap into high-quality PCR resins that can be used to make potentially hundreds of new, long-lasting rigid and film grade plastic products.”

About Mountain Valley Recycling

Mountain Valley Recycling is a plastic film and bag recycling company and resin manufacturer focused on manufacturing post-consumer resins from materials recovered from municipal, commercial and consumer collection programs. Mountain Valley produces and sells its 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins–OmegaHD, OmegaLD and OmegaLLD. Mountain Valley often collaborates with compounders, equipment vendors and recyclers to manufacture custom compounded resins to meet a specific customer’s requirement.


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