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Clampdown on Ontario IC&I waste diversion

According to the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA), the diversion of waste in Ontario's IC&I sector has c...

According to the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA), the diversion of waste in Ontario’s IC&I sector has come under increased scrutiny as municipalities increase diversion rates and the government focuses on the reduction of waste volume destined for disposal in the state of Michigan. Waste diversion rates in the IC&I sector have not increased primarily as a result of the long term non-enforcement of the 3Rs regulations (Reg. 102 & Reg. 103). Today the diversion of waste in the sector is driven by economics and the diversion rate is unlikely to increase without the regulatory obligation on IC&I waste generators that has existed since 1994 being enforced by the province. The IC&I sector is regulated by the province but is becoming increasingly scrutinized by municipalities.

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment is currently undertaking an enforcement initiative with the Sector Specialist Compliance Group (formerly SWAT). An enforcement ‘blitz’ is currently underway targeted at the compliance of waste generators with regulations 102 & 103 — it’s understood that 250 inspections are planned with over 130 in the GTA. The inspections will target all IC&I sub-sectors with a focus on construction and demolition. The ministry plans to sustain enforcement over time through enforcement targeting by ministry regions and districts. OWMA has made the point that investment by the waste industry in IC&I diversion infrastructure and facilities will be contingent on sustained enforcement and increased diversion from waste generators.

The enforcement of the regulations will be both a challenge and opportunity for OWMA members in servicing IC&I customers. OWMA is convening a series of meetings to inform members of the regulations and challenges/opportunities that enforcement will present. Posted for reference on the OWMA website (members only) are the IC&I diversion regulations (102 & 103), guidance manuals and ministry forms for waste audits and work plans. A consolidated document is also available.

The OWMA encourages all members to be familiar with the regulatory requirements of IC&I customers and consider the provision of service that assists generators with compliance with the regulations.


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