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Canadian Waste recommends process to resolve waste disposal crisis

Canadian Waste Services is recommending the Province of Ontario establish a process to set clear requirements for e...

Canadian Waste Services is recommending the Province of Ontario establish a process to set clear requirements for environmental assessments for private sector waste management services.

In a pre-budget presentation to the government’s Finance Committee, the company stated that the current waste disposal crisis in Ontario is due to both the lack of disposal capacity and a fractured Environmental Assessment (EA) process that is preventing new capacity from coming on-line.

"We need to codify regulations that clearly set out requirements for private sector proponents with regards to the consideration of ‘alternatives to’ for their preferred undertakings," stated Cal Bricker, Vice-President of Public Affairs for Canadian Waste Services. "The situation facing Ontario is unsustainable from the direct financial costs to municipalities as well as opportunity costs to Ontario to the impact on the environment from truck traffic to and from the Michigan/Ontario border."

Ontario currently exports three million tonnes of garbage across the border to Michigan for disposal every year of which one million tonnes originates from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Exports of Ontario’s garbage to the U.S. will increase as the province’s population is forecast to grow by 30 per cent over the next 25 years.

Another factor impacting the province’s disposal crisis is the increasing frequency of border disruptions due to weather, security and health issues that force the Ministry of Environment to issue emergency amendments to disposal facilities throughout Ontario to handle the rejected waste.

"We’ve approached Ontario’s environment minister to offer our assistance in helping to identify optimal waste management solutions for the province," said Bricker. "As North America’s largest collector of recyclable materials from business and households and the leader in the development and management of landfills, we strongly support diversion and recycling initiatives and the selective expansion of the province’s landfill capacity for meeting the government’s 60 per cent waste diversion target."

Canadian Waste is proposing to expand two of its existing landfill facilities in Richmond and Warwick Ontario and was proceeding with its environmental assessments until its Terms of Reference for the Richmond EA was quashed by an Ontario Court in 2003.

Canadian Waste Services is Canada’s leading waste management solutions company and based in Burlington, Ontario. The company employs 3,500 persons at 116 operating locations in 8 provinces servicing 4.5 million residential customers and 170,00 industrial and commercial customers. It owns and/or operates 20 recycling recovery facilities and 18 landfills. The company is a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc. headquartered in Houston, Texas.

For further information contact Wes Muir, director of communications, Canadian Waste Services at 905-633-3940.

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