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Canadian Stewardship Conference registers 180

According to organizer Mark McKenney, more than 180 people have registered to attend tomorrow's Canadian Stewardshi...

According to organizer Mark McKenney, more than 180 people have registered to attend tomorrow’s Canadian Stewardship Conference (October 4, 2005 Delta Chelsea Inn, Toronto, Ontario). Attendees include two provincial environment ministers from Atlantic Canada, as well as a minister for intergovernmental affairs.

The event website describes the issues that the conference sessions will address (as well as the detailed list of sessions and speakers):

“We face a plethora of regulations and rules in Canada. Now environmental laws are expanding the complexity of those regulations to many business sectors. Department and grocery retailers, drug and hardware store chains, small and medium sized retailers, national brand owners, importers and manufacturers of consumer and electronic products, and companies selling their own private brands all face regulations and rules that are new challenges. Companies are being required to take responsibility for the environmentally sound management of their products and packaging. This is a new feature in Canada — and it is expanding rapidly. The world has gotten complicated. It is time for industry to have a forum to discuss stewardship in all it many facets.

“In Canada there are over 50 stewardship programs operating. These deal with waste oil, rechargeable batteries, tires, needles & sharps, beverage containers, consumer packaging and printed materials, electronic products, household special waste, used pharmaceuticals, used agricultural pesticide containers, and derelict motor vehicles.

“The morning will be based upon the theme of ” Legislation and Policy Trends.” The afternoon sessions will discuss “Governance and Organizations.” Hear how stewardship programs are developing in Canada, how European programs have evolved, and hear about stewardship schemes as they expand around the world. You will gain insight into where we are heading in product stewardship in Canada. Hear it yourself. Don’t miss this event — and be Where Experience Talks.”

For more information. Contact Mark McKenney, MGM Management, at 905-814-1748 or or visit

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