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Canadian Stewardship Conference announces details

The Canadian Stewardship Conference -- a new industry event -- will be held at Toronto's Delta Chelsea Inn on Octob...

The Canadian Stewardship Conference — a new industry event — will be held at Toronto’s Delta Chelsea Inn on October 4, 2005. This event is being organized with the assistance of nearly 20 stewardship organizations from across Canada. The event is limited to an attendance of 150 delegates, of which over 100 have already registered or indicated they will be attending.

Speakers will include the senior government officials responsible for stewardship programs in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Additionally, senior government business, and stewardship organization leaders from Atlantic Canada and Quebec will be participating in the event. A significant contingent of delegates from the USA will be participating in the conference as delegates, as they monitor and acquire crucial details on the development of stewardship programs in this country.

Three speakers have been added to the agenda.

Andr Martel, President of Collecte Selective Qubec – will discuss Quebec’s latest product stewardship program. All eyes are on Quebec as co Entreprises Qubec (EQ) launches the second packaging and printed materials program in Canada. Levy rates are yet to be set, discussions with municipalities are planned and details of the stewardship rules are yet to be announced. Hear an update on those developments.

Tim Penner, president of Proctor & Gamble, will discuss stewardship in Canada, offering a view from a manufacturer of products. Mr. Penner will discuss how brand owners view stewardship, and how they are managing these issues within their corporate structure.

Hon. Kerry Morash, Minister, Nova Scotia Environment & Labour and President, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) will be the keynote luncheon speaker. Minister Morash will give delegates an outline of how stewardship programs are developing in Canada and the opportunities that exist to harmonize programs across the country.

Still to be announced is a speaker representing a retailer’s point of view of how the various stewardship laws in Canada are effecting their businesses, and how this sector is coping with these administrative and business challenges. Finally, a fast-paced session will be offered on financing stewardship (visible fees, internalizing costs, consumer awareness of stewardship) and promoting financial and administration of programs in Canada.

For more information please consult the website at or contact the organizers below.

Mark McKenney
Canadian Stewardship Conference
6079 Leeside Crescent
Mississauga, ON L5M 5K6
Voice: 905-814-1748
Fax: 905-814-1748

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