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Canadian Bioenergy Conference

A two-day conference and tradeshow on bioenergy entitled Joint CanBio -- IEA Bioenergy Task 40 Biotrade -- Bioene...

A two-day conference and tradeshow on bioenergy entitled Joint CanBio — IEA Bioenergy Task 40 Biotrade — Bioenergy Focus Ontario Conference will be held Wednesday, September 12 to Thursday, September 13, 2007 at Holiday Inn at 370 King Street West in Toronto. A bio-oil plant tour will take place on Friday, September 14.

An overview is provided below, but further details (including registration information) can be accessed at

Overview and themes:

With Kyoto almost upon us, Europe is implementing strategies to achieve emission objectives, while Canada evaluates a new domestic climate change plan. The forestry industry is undergoing severe pressure from weak markets and high wood costs. Mill closures continue and communities dependent on forestry are foundering. Canada needs to find a new basis for value creation and socioeconomic growth from wood resources. While biomass cogeneration proceeds, investments are now being made in Canada for exportable biofuels such as wood pellets and BioOil, driven by demand for biomass in Europe. Mill residue surpluses are rapidly diminishing, causing industry and government to look at forest residues.

This conference will explore domestic biomass potential, review provincial approaches to bioenergy, and address obstacles to developing bioenergy options in Canada compared to countries with comprehensive bioenergy strategies. A number of Finnish equipment manufacturers will be on hand to display the latest in forest waste harvesting equipment, and bioenergy heat and power equipment.

The conference is a collaborative venture between CanBio, IEA Bioenergy Task 40-Biotrade, and Bioenergy Focus Ontario. With attendees expected from several countries with a wide range of professional experience, it will be an excellent opportunity for networking, information exchange and partnering.

A two-day conference will be followed by a special 1-day tour of the largest BioOil plant in the world (the new 200-tpd plant just completed in Guelph), the Megacity Recycling plant that generates biomass feedstock for the BioOil plant, and also a biomass co-firing operation at Nanticoke Generating Station.

Conference Agenda:

Wednesday Sept 12:
(Moderator — Melissa Felder)

8:00 Coffee and Muffins

8:30 Introductions: D. Bradley-CanBio, A. Faaij- IEA Task 40, C. Rees- Bioenergy Focus Ontario.

Volumes of Economic Biomass

8:40 Canada Mill Residue and Pine Beetle Biomass
Brian McCloy, BW McCloy & Assoc

9:05 Estimating Harvest Residue Using NFCMARS
Tom White, Canadian Forest Service

9:20 Agricultural Bioproducts
Mark Stumborg, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

9:40 MSW — Available Volumes and Issues
Maria Kelleher, Kelleher Environmental

10:00 Coffee

Costs and Logistics of Forest Biomass

10:20 Finnish Forest Residues — Costs & Environmental Issues
Tapio Ranta, Lapeenranta University of Technology, Finland

10:45 Canadian Forest Residues — Cost & Recovery Methods
Mark Ryans, FPInnovations — FERIC Division

11:10 Pellet Ocean Transport Issues
Staffan Melin, Delta Research Corp.

11:35 BioOil Ocean Transport
Peter Paul Schouwenberg — Essent Energy Trading, Netherlands

12:00 Lunch (provided)

Development Opportunities

1:00 Co-firing in Power Plants
Les Marshall & Gerry McKenna, Ontario Power Generation

1:20 BioOil Development Status
TBD, Dynamotive Energy

1:45 Biomass challenges, BioOil Markets
Doug Bradley, President, Climate Change Solutions

2:10 Pellets, Europe and Asia Markets
John Swann, Canadian Wood Pellet Association

2:35 Small Scale Biodiesel
Luc Duchesne, Forest Bioproducts Inc

2:50 Coffee

From Biomass to Business — Finnish Solutions

3:15 Networking boosting bioenergy into business
Jouko Parviainen, Wenet — Wood Energy Net

3:30 Modern Harvesting Technologies for Effective, Sustainable Use of Wood Fuel
Timo Tahvanainen– Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)/Joensuu Science Park Oy)
Mika Tahvanainen — Kesla Oy (forwarders, chippers, cranes)
Mike Schmidt– John Deere Construction & Forestry (energy wood harvesting systems)
Jari Lfroos — Terra Patris Oy (Hakki firewood processors)
Seppo Huurinainen — MHG Systems Oy (Sophisticated logistic systems)

4:15 Modern boiler technology from small to large-scale boiler manufacturers
Markku Roppo — Metso Power (former Kvaerner Power)(co-firing)
Jussi Orhanen — Sentre — Network for Sustainable Energy Solutions (Clean Energy gasification plant)

5:00 Wrap up
Doug Bradley

5:10-7:00 Reception — Sponsored by Wenet.

5:15-5:45 Additional presentations in King 1 Room
Jari Luoma/Timo Tahvanainen — MegaKone compact heating units
Sepo Honkanen/Jouko Parviainen — Pentin Paja Oy (Naarva harvesting heads)

Thursday Sept 13:
(Moderator — James Perry, OPG)

8:00 Coffee and Muffins

8:20 Introduction and Sept 14 Tour Instructions- Douglas Bradley

Progress in Ontario & Quebec: A Special Report

8:30 Ontario Developments and the Standard Offer Program
Chris Rees, Suthey Holler Associates and Melissa Felder, Felder & Associates

8:55 Awareness, Education & Economic Development
Dr. David Deyoe, Bio-Trend Systems

9:20 Project Due-Diligence
Doug Knox, BioEnterprise

9:45 Assisting Small-Medium Enterprises in Bioenergy
Neil Burnett, Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA)

10:05 Harvest Waste & Forest Ecology
Evelyne Thiffault, Canadian Forest Service, Quebec

10:30 Coffee

Policies — Canada and Europe

10:55 Quebec Policy Development & Change
Pierre Vzina, Quebec Forest Industry Council

11:20 New Brunswick Biomass Strategy
Tom Reid, ADM, Natural Resources, New Brunswick

11:45 BC Energy Strategy
Janice Larson, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Resources

12:10 European Bioenergy Policies — Successful and Unsuccessful
Martin Junginger, University of Utrecht, Netherlands

12:35 Lunch

Towards a Biofuels Transportation Infrastructure (Speakers to be confirmed)

1:35 The Energy Imperative
Victoria Orsborne, NRCan

2:00 Reducing the Biofuels Environmental Footprint
Terry McIntyre, Environment Canada

2:25 Designing the Ideal Biofuels Plant
Dr. Don Smith, McGill University

2:50 Coffee

3:10 Designing Biofuels Development for a Sustainable Future
Maria Wellisch, NRCan

3:35 Biofuels Wrap up
Terry McIntyre, Environment Canada

3:45 Conference Wrap up
Douglas Bradley, President CanBio

4:00 Adjourn

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