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Canada-Ontario municipal and rural infrastructure program

The Governments of Canada and Ontario have signed a Letter of Intent that will lead to increased funding for public...

The Governments of Canada and Ontario have signed a Letter of Intent that will lead to increased funding for public infrastructure in small urban centres and rural municipalities. Ontario is the first province to partner with the federal government in this program to fund municipal rural infrastructure. The investments will be made through the Canada-Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF).

The investments will help small towns and rural communities comply with drinking water standards, improve sewage treatment and waste management, fix local roads and repair bridges, as well as help address other health and safety priorities. A second Letter of Intent pledges the Governments of Canada and Ontario to work closely with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) to implement the program and ensure it meets local priorities and needs. The federal government is committing $298 million over five years to infrastructure projects in small towns and rural municipalities in Ontario. Investments from the Government of Ontario and the municipalities participating in the program are each expected to match that amount. The federal, provincial and municipal governments should then provide approximately $900 million.

The Letters of Intent formalize an agreement between the federal and provincial governments and AMO to: develop a framework to guide project selection to maximize public benefits, especially with respect to environmental issues; design a faster and simpler application process for municipalities; create a joint secretariat to review and evaluate project applications; establish a target for green infrastructure to protect the environment and improve public health and safety.

Through the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF), the Government of Canada will invest $1 billion in priority infrastructure projects across Canada. The MRIF builds on the success and lessons learned from previous programs, especially the $2.05 billion Infrastructure Canada Program and complements programs such as the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund, which addresses larger infrastructure needs, primarily in urban areas.

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