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California businesses reduce waste, win honors

Businesses throughout the State of California are voluntarily doing great things for the environment. The Californi...

Businesses throughout the State of California are voluntarily doing great things for the environment. The California Integrated Waste Management Board is recognizing private and nonprofit organizations as part of the 12th annual 2004 Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP). This year’s WRAP honorees have diverted 1.8 million tons of materials from local landfills through excellent resource management and recycling. Plus, their voluntary waste reduction efforts have saved them $135 million in operating costs.

"A healthy business community is indispensable to our economy and the steps these WRAP Award winners have taken toward resource management, recycling, and waste reduction are impressive," said Board Chair Rosario Marin. "Their efforts are proof that the economy and the environment can work together."

Approximately half of the state’s waste stream comes from the business sector and the WRAP awards honor California companies and nonprofits (both large and small) for workplace solutions to prevent waste and reduce disposal. This year, 1,403 businesses are being recognized for their commitment to a range of environmentally preferable business practices, including innovative reuse and recycling achievements, resource conservation, donating usable goods to nonprofit organizations, conducting employee education programs, buying recycled-content supplies for the workplace, and managing electronic waste responsibly. With better materials management, many businesses realize substantial savings in operating costs.

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Open to businesses and private, nonprofit organizations, the WRAP awards were initiated in 1993 to recognize California companies that develop innovative and aggressive programs to reduce the amount of non-hazardous solid waste they generate. To date, more than 12,000 WRAP honors have been awarded. For continuing, and often increasing, their waste reduction practices from year to year, many businesses have earned the award several times since the program started.

All WRAP awardees receive a certificate of recognition from the chair and members of the California Integrated Waste Management Board, as well as the right to use the WRAP logo for promotional advertising and publicity about their accomplishments.

Among this year’s WRAP recipients with multiple locations are:

Carollo Engineers, P.C. The firm has eight locations and has earned the WRAP award four years consecutively since 2001.

Marin Conservation Corps An eight-time WRAP honoree since 1993, the Corps is a nonprofit organization with two locations in Marin County.

Safeway, Inc. With 542 Safeway and Vons stores earning recognition this year, the company has won the WRAP award six years consecutively from 1999 through 2004.

Save Mart Supermarkets The company’s 123 locations have earned Save Mart its fifth consecutive WRAP award in 2004.

Target Corporation/Mervyn’s Stores A combined total of 127 Mervyn’s stores and 178 Target stores earned WRAP awards this year, marking the seventh time the corporation has received the award since 1997.

The California Integrated Waste Management Board is the State’s leading authority on recycling and waste reduction. It promotes a zero waste California in partnership with local government, industry, and the public. This means reducing waste whenever possible, promoting the management of all materials to their highest and best use, and protecting public health and safety and the environment.

The Board is one of six boards and departments within the California Environmental Protection Agency (

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