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BTU production to increate at Veolia landfill

Veolia Environmental Services (Veolia ES) Solid Waste has announced that Greentree Landfill Gas Company will boost ...

Veolia Environmental Services (Veolia ES) Solid Waste has announced that Greentree Landfill Gas Company will boost its production of refined high Btu gas at the Veolia ES Greentree Landfill. Beacon has installed $5.5 million in additional landfill gas processing equipment that will increase the production of High Btu gas by an amount that can heat 14,000 homes. Boosting production also means further reductions in emissions of VOCs, methane and CO2 from the landfill.

“High Btu refined landfill gas is safer to produce and more efficient than some other biogas alternatives,” said Robert Zulandi, senior executive of Beacon. “Plus capturing landfill gas and turning it into energy eliminates the need to flare off the gas from landfills, reducing air pollutants.”

Congress is currently working on the Biogas Production Incentive Act of 2009 intended to promote the development of more alternative energy facilities like the Greentree LFGTE project. Beacon and Veolia ES Solid Waste, however, decided not to wait, anticipating that these incentives will be made available to the developers of existing projects. “Grandfathering in” existing projects will encourage the development of future projects by pioneer developers such as Beacon so they can continue their development program in today’s depressed energy market and further President Obama’s goal for renewable energy.

“Our goal has always been to go above and beyond in building a safe environment and sustainable future,” said Don Henrichs, Area Manager, Veolia ES Solid Waste.

“It is a significant investment at a time when lower energy prices mean less money for capital improvements,” said Zulandi, “but Beacon and Veolia ES Solid Waste decided to take the bull by the horns several months ago and increase our commitment and investment in this energy alternative.”

The Greentree project has several notable environmental benefits:

  • It reduces by up to 90 percent the volume of landfill gas presently combusted in flares.
  • It eliminates flaring, reducing in the range of 13,800 tons/year of carbon emissions and over 380 tons/year of nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • The pipeline quality natural gas produced — over 6,000 MMBtu/day and over two million MMBtu/year — displaces the equivalent amount of natural gas from conventional sources.

Commercially operational since July 2007, the project at the Veolia ES Greentree Landfill is one of the largest high Btu projects in the United States. A collaborative effort between Veolia ES Solid Waste and Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings LLC, the project converts landfill gas into pipeline quality natural gas. This gas is then used to produce environmentally clean electric power while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In January 2008, Greentree was chosen as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (EPA LMOP) 2007 Project of the Year. Each year, LMOP recognizes its partners for excellence in innovation and creativity; success in promoting project development; and achieving environmental and economic benefits.



Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc., part of Veolia Environmental Services North America Corp. (, is one of the largest solid waste companies in North America, providing a full range of services to commercial, industrial and residential customers in 12 states, the Bahamas, and Canada. Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc. operates 76 collection facilities and 30 solid waste sanitary landfill facilities in the United States. By working in partnership with communities, we aim to preserve valuable resources and extend landfill capacity by focusing on waste reduction, curbside collection, sorting and the processing and marketing of recyclables.



Greentree Landfill Gas Company, LLC Is wholly owned by Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings, LLC a special purpose company organized to finance, develop and operate landfill gas projects including Greentree, the Imperial project near Pittsburgh and future projects not yet announced. Among the owners of Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings LLC is American Exploration Company (AEC) and its wholly owned subsidiary, American Landfill Gas Company LLC (ALG), who has been the sole operator of the landfill gas gathering system at the Greentree Landfill for the past four years. Beacon Generating LLC, the principal sponsor of Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings LLC is a private energy development company in McLean, Virginia. Beacon’s first two high Btu landfill gas projects were developed in conjunction with another company at two large landfills in Western Pennsylvania.

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