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Aschcroft mayor quits in dispute over GVRD landfill

A dispute between the mayor of Ashcroft, British Columbia and the town's council over the Greater Vancouver Regiona...

A dispute between the mayor of Ashcroft, British Columbia and the town’s council over the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s new landfill has prompted the mayor’s resignation.

According to a recent report by the Kamloops Daily News, Andy Kormendy resigned his post at the council’s meeting on August 16, citing a "lack of trust" on the part of council was responsible for his decision.

Mr. Koremendy, who also headed a committeee handling the neogtiation of a deal to biuld a new landfill, said he signed a memorandum of understanding with the GVRD to proceed with a plan to biuld its new landfill. The proposed Ashcroft landfill, which was opposed by a vocal environmental coalition in the community, is seen as an eventual replacement for the aging Cache Creek landfill.

While council had agreed in principle to go along with the landfill deal, Mr. Kormendy said it seems council was upset he signed the memo, and wanted to reopen the document to change some minor details. The council dealt with the issue while Mr. Kormendy was away on vacation.

There has already been a referendum dealing with aspects of the landfill issues, but it is expected that there will be debates about the Aschcroft landfill during the byelection campaign.

The proposed landfill, scheduled to be built by 2007, would be built on private land bought by the GVRD in 2000 because its Cache Creek landfill will be full by 2008. The sandy soil near Ashcroft is considered perfect for such a landfill. The site is 60 kilometres west of Kamloops.

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