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Article line-up for April/May edition of Solid Waste & Recycling

The April/May edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine features an especially exciting article line-up, plus bon...

The April/May edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine features an especially exciting article line-up, plus bonus distribution at important trade shows (see below) and two useful supplements.

Pros and cons of visible or invisible fees for product stewardship programs.
by Guy Crittenden

Cover Story:
How anaerobic digestion can help meet municipal waste-diversion and Kyoto targets.
By Bruce Holbein

Product Stewardship:
(See supplement on Electronics Equipment Recycling below.)

Labrie Juggler units ultrasonic solid separating process allows for the collection of the contents of grease traps or septic tanks by separating the solids from the liquid.
By Noha Mandour, Labrie

Roll up the rim to win: the challenge to recycle Tim Hortons disposable cups.
by Guy Crittenden

Social marketing to change behavior and boost recycling participation.
by John Smith, Lura Consulting

Transportation Technology:
Mack Truck front axle set-back allows more payload, greater maneuverability and profit.
By John Walsh, Mack Truck

Landfill gas collection at a landfill facility.
(Author yet to be announced)

Tech Talk: High-tech tracking
@Road Facilities Management Suite combines GPS tracking, dynamic routing and scheduling, electronic cover sheets and more.
by Ginnie Hazlett, Panache Communications

Cancom Trackings GPS-based Route Tracker assists waste management fleets in: vehicle activity monitoring, route verification/service monitoring, and vehicle safety monitoring.
By Lana Smith, Cancom Tracking

Composting Matters
Biodegradable bags impact on composting.
by Paul van der Werf

Regulation Roundup
Regulatory changes across Canada.
by Rosalind Cooper, LL.B

Waste Business Watch
by John Nicholson, P.Eng.

Final Analysis
Ontario Bill 133: challenge to natural justice principles and due diligence.
by Adam Chamberlain

Special Supplement: Balers, Shedders & Conveyors

Supplement on Electronics Equipment Recycling

Nova Scotias new electronics waste product stewardship regulation and program.
by Barry Friesen

Electronic Product Stewardship Canada update.
by Guy Crittenden

GREENTEC diverts printer cartridges from landfill.
by Tony Perrotta, president, GREENTEC

Ad Space closing: March 21
Artwork required: March 26

Contact Brad OBrien, 1-888-702-1111 ext. 2

NOTE: Bonus distribution of the April/May Issue includes the following industry events:

Recycling Council of Ontario, May 4-6 Toronto Ontario

Waste Expo, May 3 – 5, Las Vegas, Nevada

Municipal Waste Integration Network (MWIN), June 15-16 Waterloo Ontario.

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