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Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit 2009

The Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit 2009 details are as follows.

The Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit 2009 details are as follows.

Location and dates: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida, November 10-13, 2009

Organized by The Envirobiz Group (

Envirobiz acknowledges Waste Management Inc. for its support in sponsoring the  Tuesday evening reception


The focus of this executive meeting is the expected further evolution of waste management service from the traditional historic role of providing sanitation services focused on collection and disposal into a resource management service focused on collecting and returning used resources into beneficial uses.

Our exploration of this topic begins with a tour of a facility representing a beneficial application of commercial and residential waste by generating electricity.


2:30 PM Tour of Covanta’s Hillsborough County Resource Recovery Facility

Your tour will include a briefing on the newly expanded The Hillsborough County Resource Recovery Facility. The Facility originally began commercial operation in October 1987 with the ability to processes 1,200 tons-per-day of solid waste while generating up to 29 megawatts of renewable electrical energy. Over the last 20 years of operation the Facility has updated its environmental performance capabilities, adding advanced dedicated air pollution control systems for the reduction of NOX, Mercury, Acid Gases, Particulate and Volatile Organic compounds in accordance with the Clean Air Act Amendments, plus the Continuous Emission


Monitoring Systems required to track and record this performance.

Recently the Facility has completed the construction and performance testing of a 50 per cent throughput capacity expansion that meets the most stringent permit conditions issued to date in the US for Energy from Waste Facility. The expanded Facility now processes 1,800 tons-per-day of solid waste and can generate up to 46 megawatts of renewable energy. The Facility is owned by Hillsborough County, which supplies all the waste and is operated and maintained by Covanta Hillsborough, Inc. The Facility uses secondary sewer treatment effluent from the adjacent County Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for its process water needs and in exchange, the Facility provides the electricity necessary for the WWTP’s operation. The balance of the renewable electricity generated is sold by the County on to the electric grid.


Tuesday Evening – November 10, 2009- Immediately After Presentations


Reception sponsored by

Waste Management Inc

5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.


Wednesday Morning – November 11, 2009


Wednesday Morning is a joint session with the EI Digest Gathering. The EI Digest Gathering is the largest annual meeting of top executives in the commercial hazardous waste management sector.


As stated earlier, the expectation is that waste management services will evolve into resource management services and resultantly develop into specialty resource/waste management services. One of the most significant case examples of a similar fragmentation of the solid waste market is hazardous waste management. The morning session is therefore an opportunity to learn more about specialized waste service company.


7:15 A.M. Opening Registrations: Chartwell- Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit


7:45 A.M. Joint Breakfast Buffet for EI Digest Gathering & Chartwell-Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit


9:00 A.M. Keynote Speaker: Safety-Kleen Company Update & Market Perspective


One of the first companies that engaged in separating out constituents from the solid waste stream was Safety-Kleen. Now a billion dollar company, the company core business is a combination of recycling wastes for the same use
and/or using wastes for alternative purposes. The company has recently introduced product lines using previously used hydrocarbons.


 Mr. Fred Florjancic, President & CEO, Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.


9:45 A.M. Break


10:00 A.M. Manufacturing Waste Collection & Distribution


An essential segment of hazardous and nonhazardous manufacturing waste management is the collection from individual manufacturers; the consolidation of individual shipments for long distance transport; and the reverse distribution to facilities with the appropriate recycling, treatment and disposal services. The panelists for this session will provide updates on their services and participate in subsequent discussion about changing expectations and needs in the marketplace.


 Mr. Chad Tameling, Vice President, Set Environmental, Inc.

 Mr. Dean Nardi, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, Pollution Control Industries/ Tradebe

 Mr. David Sprinkle, Executive Vice President, Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

 Mr. Mike Farrell, Disposal Manager, Triumvirate Environmental


11:30 A.M. Lunch Chartwell – Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit


Wednesday Afternoon – November 11, 2009


1:00 P.M. 2009 World Waste Update


The Envirobiz Group is please to announce an outstanding addition to the agenda of the Chartwell-Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit on Wednesday, November 11th. US Executives will have a unique opportunity to be the first US executives briefed on the finding from the just released study 2009 World Waste Study. The principal researcher of the study, Dr. Philippe Chalmin will be sponsored by Veolia Environmental Services to provide an executive overview of the finding from the 2009 study at the conference.


To our knowledge, this is the only such rep
ort prepared providing a world wide perspective on waste management practices. This report is a follow up to a ground breaking 2006 report that provided waste management professionals with a first time reference about waste management around the world. Both of these studies have been made possible by the financial support of Veolia Environmental Services. Copies of the report will be made available to conference attendees.


Philippe Chalmin, Ph.D. is the Chair Professor of Economic History at Paris-Dauphine University, and has also served as a member of the World Bank’s International Task Force (ITF) on commodity markets and of the group of “eminent persons” set up by UNCTAD on commodity stabilisation programs. Since 2006, Dr. Chalmin has been a member of the Council of Economic Advisers (Office of the Prime Minister) and of the French Ministry of Agriculture’s think tank. His consulting service and expertise has recently been sought by the World Bank, European Commission, ITC and a number of private and semi-public partners and international corporations.


 Dr. Philippe Chalmin, Chair Professor of Economic History, Paris-Dauphine University


2:00 P.M. Break


2:15 P.M. Servicing Special Needs of Commercial, Medical, Residential, and Other Customers


 small quantity waste that were previous allowed to be collected and managed with traditional sanitation services have been banned from those services. The panelists gathered for this session in the program represent specialty firms that already exist and are providing specialty waste management services that are no longer accepted by most solid waste collection and disposal services.


 Mr. Ray Kohout, General Manager, Waste Management – LampTrackers,

 Mr. Jim Dykhuis, Director of Marketing, Veolia Environmental Services

 Mr. Jim Hattler, President, Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc.

 Mr. Greg Ray, Vice President, Business Management, Heritage Crystal-Clean


3:15 P.M. Changing from a “Waste Management Hierarchy” to a “Sustainability Hierarchy”


Traditional thinking about waste management has often ended with the dismantling the resources into constituents for recycling. In the case of some constituents, remanufacturing might be a better resource management model. AERC/Com-Cycle business is an illustration of thinking “outside the box”. Whereas most e-waste programs are geared toward disassembling computers into their constituents, AERC/Com-Cycle is using the business model of remanufacturing.


 Mr. Robert Landmesser, Chairman, AERC/Com-Cycle


Sustainability and climate change are market drivers behind the development of hybrid vehicles and the creation of new market opportunities to manage the used batteries from the vehicles. “Kinsbursky-Toxco will give a presentation on their DOE funded, proposed state of the art Li Ion recycling facility and an overview of current battery recycling operations and how the new facility will enhance and expand on those existing operations.”


r. Shane Thompson, Vice President, Kinsburksy -Toxco


Machine rebuilds, sustainable development.


 Mr. Phil Ringenberger, Senior Marketing Consultant, Caterpillar Certified Rebuild


Thursday November 12 Chartwell – Envirobiz Waste Industry



7:15 A.M. Opening Registration: Chartwell- Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit


7:45 A.M. Breakfast Buffet


9:00 A.M. Future Traditional Energy Cost Outlook vs. Biofuels & Waste as Alternative Fuels


Mr. James Williams, internationally recognized economist on traditional fossil fuels supply, demand, and pricing, will be presenting at the Waste Industry Summit being held November 10th- 13th in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Williams, who publishes widely, read Energy Economist and is frequently interviewed by the media, will be discussing energy issues critical to the waste management industry present and future.


Waste management is a business that uses traditional fossil fuels to power collection vehicles and facility equipment. Mr. Williams will brief the executive meeting on his perspective of the upcoming outlook for supply and demand for various fossil fuels such crude oil, coal, and natural gases. Based on his decades of experience with energy supply and demand cycles, Jim will review the factors most likely to influence pricing.


More than ever, waste is being looked upon as a resource for energy. As Mr. Williams through his publication has chronicled the significant fluctuated in the pricing of traditional fossil fuels. Mr. Williams, taking these fluctuations into consideration, will provide his perspective about the basis by which potential alternatives like biofuels and waste fuels should be compared to traditional fossil fuels. Executives at the meeting will have an opportunity to discuss and exchange perspective with Mr. Williams following his presentation.


 Mr. Jim Williams, President, WTRG Economics


10:00 A.M. The Impact of Waste “Fractionalization” on Waste Packaging


The separation of C&D, MSW, and other waste streams, into constituents suitable for a specific further use is changing the way we collect and transport. Complexity and variety, as well as opportunity, accompany this fractionalization of waste. Mr. McCracken will lead a discussion of the current container market, and the need for different and more containers, as well as better container management programs.


 Mr. Ron McCracken, President, RJM Associates


10:30 A.M. Long Distance Transportation Option


Once waste has been separated, the second challenge is getting the waste where it needs to be utilized as cost effectively as possible.Richard Sterner, a leading expert on the long distance transport options for recyclables and wastes will brief us on options and market trends.


 Mr. Richard Sterner, President, Sterner Consulting


11:00 A.M. Manufacturing Waste Fuel Pellets


The Herhof Stabilat® method has been working effectively in Germany since 1997, and later in Italy and
Belgium, along with a recently announced project on the Island of Cyprus. It biologically treats waste first, to stabilize the material. Secondly, the waste is mechanically separated, to a point where all recyclable materials are recovered. The recyclable materials recovered include water, glass, metals, and plastics. After the recyclable materials are removed, the remaining product is called Stabilat®, a refuse derived fuel that can be used to produce clean firm power, which will lower dependency on fossil fuels, lower air emissions, and lower power prices for the consumer.


 Mr. Steven K. Price, COO, Kamehameha Environmental LLC


11:30 A.M. Lunch


1:00 A.M. Collection, Recycling & Remanufacturing, of Household Appliances


ARCA is one of the pioneering companies in developing a company that specifically focused on taking a discard that was undesired in traditional solid waste collection and disposal. ARCA’s business of collecting, dismantling, and refurbishing of “white goods” is an example of specialized waste management services that are likely to emerge to replace current services.


 Mr. Jack Cameron, President, Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.


1:30 P.M. Climate Change & the Solid Waste Industry


Joining us from the center of the climate debate in Washington D.C. is Chaz Miller. Chas will enlightens us as to how the solid waste industry is likely to be affected as a result of climate change.


 Mr. Chaz Miller, Director, State Programs, Environmental Industry Association


2:00 P.M. Covanta Energy – Company Update & WTE Market Perspective


Covanta Energy is an internationally recognized owner and operator of Energy-from-Waste and power generation projects. Covanta Energy’s Energy-from-Waste facilities convert municipal solid waste into renewable energy for numerous communities, predominantly in the Un
ited States.


 Mr. Joe Treshler, Vice President of Business Development, Covanta Energy


2:30 P.M. Break


2:45 P.M. Waste Management Innovative Technology Initiatives


Waste Management Inc is a leading provider of comprehensive waste management and environmental services in North America. Mr. Cesarek will overview Waste Management’s efforts to initiate new technologies into the solid waste marketplace.


 Mr. Tim Cesarek, Managing Director -Organic Growth, Waste Management Inc.


3:30 P.M. Cement Industry – A History of Early Adaptors of Alternative Energy Resources


The cement industry in the United States has been an early adaptor of alternative energy sources. The cement manufacturing is an energy intensive process. The sector utilizes the energy from nearly one million tons per year of manufacturing wastes and is believed to be the manufacturing group that utilizes the most scrap tires as fuel.


 Mr. Rob Davies, President, Geocycle

 Mr. Ken Derksen, Chief Operating Officer, Cadence Environmental Energy Inc.


Friday November 13 Chartwell – Envirobiz Waste Industry


7:45 A.M. Breakfast Buffet


8:30 A.M. Waste Management Outlook for the United States 2010


On Friday morning, November 13th, attendees of Chartwell-Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit will get an opportunity to hear Mr. Cary Perket discuss the results of ongoing Chartwell research efforts into waste management in the United States. What differentiates Mr. Perket from the perspective of others is that he has a consider amount of experience in working with the waste management services that have been separated from the traditional municipal solid waste collection and disposal by laws, regulations, or other factors. The forthcoming report and this preview will therefore examine the waste management from a more universal perspective of all types of wastes, not just municipal solid waste.


In his capacity at the Envirobiz Ground, Mr. Perket has direct responsibility for survey work done to gather market statistics on the municipal solid waste sector, the construction & demolition waste sector, nonhazardous and universal wastes, and the hazardous waste management sector. In making this presentation he will provide some updated statistics from that research, including observation as to how the recessions seems to be impacting disposal pricing trends for solid waste and construction and demolition wastes. The following is an overview for the report preview:


Waste Management Outlook 2010 is a new report which will be issued in early 2010 by Chartwell / The Envirobiz group, Inc. The report will cover three major topics:


“Mega” trends in US waste management


There are many indications that many of the changes in waste management that environmentalists have long sought in waste management in the United States maybe coming to reality. This report and our preview will review the mega trends that may lead to major changes across the United States.


Impact that “Mega” trends had on US waste management in 2008 – 2009


The current recession, driven by a combination of worldwide financial instability and high energy prices, has had a significant impact already on waste management. This preview will review the impact the recession and other mega trends have had over the past 24 months.


Potential impact that the “Mega” trends will have in 2010 and beyond


Economic recovery will add to the strength of the other Mega trends causing substantive changes in US waste management. Looking into the not to distance future, it’s possible and probable that the waste management industry will change substantially into more of a raw materials and fuel supplier to US manufacturers than ever before. And perhaps, more of today’s waste management industry will themselves become manufacturers and re-manufacturers.


Mr. Cary Perket, President of the Envirobiz Group, has thirty years plus experience in the waste management. His career has included considerable hands on experience in the fields in which he now serves as a market analyst. In 2005, Mr. Perket assume responsibilities for Chartwell’s research of municipal and construction and demolition waste management markets in the United States. Prior to that and continuing today, Mr. Perket was extensively involved in research of hazardous, industrial, remediation and universal waste management markets.


11:00 A.M. Summit Concludes


The Envirobiz Group

8525 Arjons Drive Suite H

San Diego, California 92126


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