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C2Logix launches new website and name

Originally established as, Inc., the company today officially launched its new website (

Originally established as, Inc., the company today officially launched its new website (, name and logo: C2Logix.

Established in January 2000, WasteBid’s initial focus was in applying e-commerce and other Internet technologies to the waste industry. From a focus on developing an e-commerce portal for equipment auctions and matching waste and recycling service providers to waste generators, the company has since evolved into a systems integrator and logistics solutions provider for multiple industries. C2Logix develops and implements technologies that include route optimization software, geographic information systems, business intelligence, e-commerce, relational databases and Web sites.

“Over the years, the company gradually applied its core competencies in route optimization and other related information technology areas to industries outside waste management, and we feel that C2Logix better reflects that shift and our strategy for the future,” noted Bob Brickner, C2Logix’s President.

In the military, C2 is known as Command and Control and refers to procedures used in effectively organizing and directing armed forces to accomplish a mission. Command and Control encompasses the integrated management of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities and procedures employed by a commander in planning, directing, coordinating and controlling operations in the accomplishment of the mission. C2 embodied the true spirit of the company’s services and technologies, albeit to commercial businesses and civilian agencies.

“All effective managers want to have Command and Control of their operations,” explained Kevin Callen, C2Logix’s Chief Technology Officer. “The direction of the technologies is a convergence amongst route optimization software, in-field data systems, such as RFID, and location systems, such as GPS. Our company brings to the table not just extensive experience with these technologies, but we are unique in that we come from decades of experience in operations and management. We know how to do Command and Control the old fashioned way and know how to effectively integrate new technologies into established organizations to make the solution something that is actually used for the long term.”

C2Logix, headquartered in the Dulles Technology Corridor in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C., was founded in 2000. The company provides logistics software and solutions to enable managers to manage, staff to achieve, and organizations to thrive. With a focus on vehicle route optimization software and logistics planning, C2Logix’s fleet routing and mapping software makes field service, delivery and dispatch operations efficient and effective.

C2Logix’s products include route optimization solutions (FleetRoute and TourSolver), in-vehicle data solutions (GPS/AVL, RFID, field service information integrated with route optimization software), and route performance and business intelligence software. C2Logix also provides related consulting services and can act as a Service Bureau, performing route optimization as a service for clients to reduce the upfront costs of implementing the technology. For more information on the firm and its products and services, visit or call 1- 866-927-8324.

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