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The How-to’s of Organics Recycling Explained by Leading Manitoba Forces

Experts from Winnipeg Harvest, the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation, The Forks Market, Green Action Centre amongst others are joining together with Green Manitoba and The Compost Council of Canada to share their experiences and know-how to successfully implement an organics recycling program that offers the multi-fold benefit of cost savings, environmental stewardship and employee satisfaction.

To be held at the Manitoba Children’s Museum on TUESDAY JANUARY 12th, this one-day session will carefully review the steps involved from conducting a waste audit, setting up a viable collection system, educating participants, being aware of processing dynamics and capturing the benefits of the end products produced. A special hands-on session will complement lunch where workshop participants will be given a behind-the-scenes tour of the composting system set-up at THE FORKS MARKET which serves its five full-service restaurants, 15 fast food merchants, seven fresh food producers, hotel and all the site’s yard trimmings, recovering 80% of the market’s “waste” and putting it to good use.

REGISTER NOW @ For more information, please call The Compost Council of Canada @ 1-877-571-GROW(4769).

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