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Toronto launches reduce and reuse programs

TORONTO – To officially launch five new Community Reduce & Reuse Programs, the city of Toronto is hosting an event at 15 Tobermory Drive on Thursday, July 12 from 1 – 6 p.m. The event includes a tour of the Bicycle Repair Hub at the site, and opportunities for bike, clothing and small appliance repair.

The new Community Reduce & Reuse Programs are part of the City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy and Tower Renewal Program implementation and include: Urban Harvest (redistribution of surplus food), The Sewing Program (repair, reuse and textile diversion), Community Bicycle Hubs (reuse and repair of bicycles), Community Composting and Sharing and Reuse Spaces.

Together, the programs will help to build sustainable communities, create a culture where items are seen as valuable and multi-use, and help Toronto move towards its zero waste goal.

Solid Waste Management Services is partnering with the City’s Social Development, Finance & Administration Division on the five new programs, which will help to reduce waste and build sustainable communities by:

  • educating residents about the importance of waste reduction
  • promoting a culture of and providing opportunities for reduction, sharing, repairing and reuse in communities
  • fostering economic opportunities
  • offering skills training and certification
  • creating spaces for community members to gather.

The program sites will be based primarily in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas – parts of Toronto where the City and partners are investing in people, services, programs and facilities to strengthen social, economic and physical conditions – and include multi-residential buildings and community hubs.

Development and implementation of the pilot programs began in 2017 and will be complete by the end of 2020.

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