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Micron wins U.S. patent

Vancouver and Delta, British Columbia – Micron Waste Technologies Inc. has been awarded a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent for its commercial biological waste treatment formulation.

US Patent 10,144,044 secures the intellectual property on the Company’s proprietary bio-process and compositions for the treatment of waste effluent. The patent recognizes and safeguards the innovative process developed by Micron’s Co-founder and chief technology officer, Bob Bhushan, whose research led to the development of “immobilization technology” to protect and enhance highly selective and effective microorganisms and enzymes.

Bhushan’s advanced bio-process effectively allows effluent-degrading, GRAS-certified organisms to biodegrade organics inside Micron’s patented industrial-grade Cannavore cannabis and food waste digester units. The immobilization process protects the live agents, which activate with increased potency and enhanced metabolic activity.

“This is an important and validating milestone for Micron, locking in our leadership in a new era in organic waste management,” said Micron president and CEO Alfred Wong.

“Dr. Bhushan’s formula complements the efficiency of our Cannavore and food waste digesters and can be used as an additive to boost the efficiency of other waste treatment systems, increasing their ability to comply with government regulations.”

Micron’s latest patent strengthens overall intellectual property protection for its innovative waste treatments systems. In July, 2018 the Company announced it was awarded an Industrial Design Certificate of Registration from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), with US patent pending, for its commercial digester units, which employ the newly-patented bio-agents and process. The units’ design enhances food digestion efficiency by up to 40 per cent while reducing the machine’s footprint and digestion time.

The technology was repurposed for use in the Cannavore, with the addition of proprietary conditioning agents to denature active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in cannabis waste.

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