Solid Waste & Recycling

  • Low Cost for New Brunswick Beverage Container Management

    October 1, 1998 by Clarissa Morawski

    The August/September issue of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine explored the surprisingly low cost of beverage container recovery in Alberta’s deposit-refund system. Producer responsibility for beverag…

  • Red Tape and the Transboundary Business

    September 1, 1998 by Robert G. Power, LL.B.

    The transboundary movement of municipal and industrial, commercial, and institutional (IC&I) waste is about to become further entangled by more red tape and fees. Bill C-32 will soon replace the exist…

  • Alberta's Deposit-Refund System

    September 1, 1998 by Clarissa Morawski

    Eighty per cent container recovery at 0.8 cents per unit soldThe net cost of deposit-refund systems for beverage containers is the subject of intense debate. Some suggest that deposit-refund systems o…