Solid Waste & Recycling

  • Hauler's Page (October 01, 1998)

    October 1, 1998 by Solid Waste & Recycling

    B.C. polycoat exemption On September 9, the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks announced that industry has a one-year extension to implement a plan for polycoat recycling (e.g….

  • Box and Bottle Blues

    October 1, 1998 by Robert G. Power, LL.B.

    On October 7, after a year of intense debate between municipalities, industry groups and other stakeholders, Ontario’s Minister of Environment Norm Sterling announced a plan to improve and fund provin…

  • Brampton Incinerator

    October 1, 1998 by Dan Pearce

    The Brampton Incinerator facility, or KMS Peel, is located on a 15-acre site in Brampton, Ontario. The facility is designed to recover non-recyclable, recyclable, and non-combustible materials; to bur…

  • Incineration in Canada

    October 1, 1998 by Richard Gilbert

    About eight per cent of municipal waste in Canada is incinerated, one of the lowest proportions among developed countries. In comparison, percentages for other developed countries include: 59 per cent…

  • New Ontario Waste Reg

    October 1, 1998 by Rosalind H. Cooper, LL.B.

    On June 2, 1998, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment posted its proposed General Waste Management Regulation on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry for comment. The process began in November 1…

  • Burnaby Incinerator

    October 1, 1998 by Chantal Babensee, P.Eng.

    Located in an industrial area of Burnaby, British Columbia, the Burnaby municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerator is a key part of the integrated waste management system in the Greater Vancouver Regiona…

  • News – 01-SEP-98 (September 01, 1998)

    September 1, 1998 by Josh Bickman 52

    CompanyPhonePageReader Service NumberAmbaco Recycling Technologies905-420-046655164Blaney McMurtry Stapells Friedman416-593-397326126Busch Systems International Inc.705-722-080624124Can…

  • Red Tape and the Transboundary Business

    September 1, 1998 by Robert G. Power, LL.B.

    The transboundary movement of municipal and industrial, commercial, and institutional (IC&I) waste is about to become further entangled by more red tape and fees. Bill C-32 will soon replace the exist…


    September 1, 1998 by Solid Waste & Recycling

    Alcan Aluminium LimitedCorporations Supporting RecyclingMinistry of the EnvironmentThe Beer StoreSILVER SPONSORSDura Products InternationalRoyal Recycling Ltd.S.C. Johnson & Son Ltd.BRONZE SPONSORSBum…

  • Upstream to Diversion

    September 1, 1998 by Usman Valiante

    While waste diversion may or may not be a worthy environmental objective in itself, environmental protection surely is. In a life-cycle approach (which considers factors such as resource and energy us…