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UK toner cartridges transformed into garden furniture

Where do empty toner cartridges go after use? Do you know what happens to your toner's when you have finished with ...

Where do empty toner cartridges go after use? Do you know what happens to your toner’s when you have finished with them?

Once a toner cartridge has been re-used by the re-manufacturing industry it will normally end up in landfill or be incinerated. This means extra pollution either by toner leaking into the ground or extra carbon being placed into the atmosphere through incineration. The solution to the problem of how to environmentally dispose of printer cartridges when they have no value is to use Waycam Technologies ltd new unique service where old toner and inkjet cartridges are transformed into new fence posts or garden furniture.

Until now once manufactures toner cartridges have been re-used by the re-manufacturing industry they are just discarded into the landfill sites where they sit for hundreds of years or more before they start to decay, all the while possibly leaking toner powder into the surrounding earth. Waycam now have a solution to this problem of what to do with a toner cartridge that no one wants to buy from you. They can turn it from a toner or ink jet cartridge into a fence post or garden chair. They are promoting the only UK solution for 100 per cent recycling of all parts of a toner cartridge and reusing the raw materials rather than sending them to landfill.

The problem until now has been what to do with the toner powder with the current solutions being either to send it along with the whole cartridge to landfill or to incinerate the toner powder. Waycam felt that this pollution of the land and the carbon pollution from incineration was not acceptable when we are becoming more concerned about our environment and global warming. With this in mind Waycam decided to look for a solution which they found in their partners, and now together they have the only solution to offer all printer uses, looking for an environmental friendly recycling solution for all toner’s, ink jets, drum units, fusers, and transfer units that otherwise would end up in landfill.

They take an end of life toner cartridge and after removing the toner powder dismantle it into its component parts with all the metal parts being sent to metal companies for re-use and the plastic that is left along with the toner powder is then transformed into new products which they are currently developing. Waycam are currently able to transform cartridges into fence posts and garden furniture but eventually virtually anything that you can make in wood can be made out of the new plastic wood which they are calling TRI-wood (toner recycled into wood). Waycam believe that this new solution will help many companies with their pre-treatment and csr responsibilities as well as helping them reduce the carbon foot print of their businesses.

About Waycam Technologies Ltd

Waycam Technologies Ltd provides recycling solutions to companies throughout the UK looking for tailored solutions to recycling of their IT and Electrical equipment in full compliance with the WEEE directive. Waycam feel that this solution enhances their solutions and fits very well with their photocopier and printer recycling solutions. Waycam are a company who look for innovative solutions to problems and always strive to provide the solution the customer needs to their problem.

Contact details:

Paul Waygood MD
Waycam Technologies Ltd
46 South Street Horncastle Lincolnshire LN9 6EF
Tel: 0845 0560537 Fax: 01507 401122

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