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Nespresso joins BC in recycling coffee pods

Nespresso, in partnership with Recycle BC, has launched its Green Bag pilot project in Vancouver to make it easier for people to recycle the popular coffee pods.

This initiative is part of global Nespresso program The Positive Cup. (Photo: Recycle BC)


As of March 2018, City of Vancouver residents can put their used capsules in a sealed recyclable Green Bag provided at no extra cost by Nespresso Canada when coffee capsules are purchased. The bag is placed into the recycling bin.

Once collected by Recycle BC, the capsules are shipped to a partner where they undergo a technological process — the first of its kind in Canada — which mechanically separates the coffee grounds from the aluminum. The aluminum is repurposed and the coffee grounds are transformed into a high-quality compost used by farms at no additional cost to citizens or municipalities, according to a news release by the City.

This initiative is part of global Nespresso program The Positive Cup.

“As the only program in North America that is financed by the companies that produce packaging and paper products to operate the recycling system from collection through to processing the materials, we have a unique opportunity to collaborate with companies like Nespresso,” says Allen Langdon, Recycle BC Managing Director, in a statement. “Through these partnerships, we can make recycling easier for residents, ensuring more material is recycled and less goes towards landfill.”

This is the second phase of the pilot project, following its implementation in Coquitlam and Anmore in May 2017.

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