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GHG calculator at RCA conference

Environment Canada's GHG Calculator for Waste Management will be presented at the Recycling Cou...

Environment Canada’s GHG Calculator for Waste Management will be presented at the Recycling Council of Alberta’s upcoming conference “Green for Gold”. This workshop, led by representatives from Environment Canada and ICF International, will provide hands-on exposure to using the calculator.

The workshop will be held from 5:00 – 6:00 pm on Wednesday, October 14, following the afternoon plenary session. Attendance is limited to 40 registrants, so if you want to attend, please sign up right away. For those of you who registered early, before the workshop was added, please advise if you want to attend so we can add this onto your registration. There is no additional cost for this workshop, but attendees must be registered for the conference.

There is a limited opportunity for two municipalities to submit their program information to be reviewed as an example at the workshop. Requirements are either waste and recycling data for 2000 vs 2008, or current data vs estimated data for a proposed alternative scenario. Waste composition information is also required (estimated or actual). This is a great opportunity to have the experts run the numbers for your situation. If you are interested in submitting your municipality’s information for review at the workshop, please let us know.

Environment Canada created the GHG Calculator for Waste Management to help municipalities and other users estimate GHG emission reductions from different waste management practices, including recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion (a treatment that digests organic waste in the absence of oxygen), combustion, and landfilling. The calculator helps users construct two distinct scenarios (baseline and alternative) for managing the same quantity and composition of municipal solid waste. The calculator then automatically calculates the GHG emissions and energy savings that will result from implementing the alternative scenario. Other information such as landfill gas recovery practices, and the transportation distance can also be entered into the calculator. For example, the calculator could be used to assess the GHG emission reductions that will occur when a municipality begins to compost organic waste instead of sending it to landfill, or the benefits of expanding municipal curbside recycling programs.

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