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GEEP/Ecosys Rider joint venture

Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc. ("GEEP") is pleased to announce the purchase of Ecosys Canada Inc ("Ecos...

Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc. (“GEEP”) is pleased to announce the purchase of Ecosys Canada Inc (“Ecosys”), Rider Computer Services Ltd and Rider Technology Services Inc.(“Rider”) all of whom will be operating as GEEP Ecosys Inc. effective May 1st 2008. With this acquisition GEEP welcomes one hundred associates of Ecosys and Rider, together with their four Canadian locations (Vancouver, BC; Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec) which will remain operational. This acquisition expands GEEP direct operations to encompass 450 associates who will be functioning out of six Canadian and two United States centers. GEEP, through its joint ventures and affiliations also provides services at our locations in Europe and Asia.

The acquisition of Ecosys Rider strengthens GEEP’s network in Canada and will supplement its two existing plants in Barrie, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta, in addition to its 24 e-colleX ewaste collection sites, utilized by Original Equipment Manufacturers to collect e-waste.

GEEP is one of the largest, most technologically advanced, integrated, e-waste asset management companies in the world. With proprietary software and equipment, complimented by a strict adherence to ISO standards, GEEP recycles electronic waste into commodities with a zero landfill objective. GEEP is a global company that can provide services on a global basis.

Ecosys/Rider has been providing Technology Change Management (TCM) services for over 20 years to large organizations. From the banking industry to the Fortune 1000’s companies, who require certified audit reporting that tracks all asset information, the Ecosys/Rider proprietary TCM solution facilitates tracking of assets down to the serial number level and guarantees that all personal data has been wiped clean. Their well developed sales channels allow them to remarket any product that has value and obtain the highest return on investment for clients. Providing peace of mind through a cost efficient and effective end of life solution, Ecosys/Rider manages all the key steps in the asset recovery, remarketing and recycling process, in addition to eliminating data security risks, effectively shielding companies from corporate liabilities and environmental exposure.

GEEP is committed to growth and development of a global footprint to service both international and local clients. The company continues to invest in Research and Development to improve separation technologies thereby maintaining its leadership role in this rapidly developing industry. GEEP focuses on environmental sustainability while ensuring the health and safety of its workers.

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