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  • Two U.S. universities ban plastic straws

    May 25, 2018 by Emily Atkins

    Americans use more than 500 million straws every day — more than one per man, woman, and child. Most of them end up in the landfill or in the ocean. Numerous campaigns in England and some U.S. cities have sprung up to ban these

  • News Recycling

    Ottawa adds pics to struggling park recycling pilot

    May 15, 2018 by SWR Staff

    After a less than successful city park recycling pilot project in summer 2017, the City of Ottawa is modifying the same recycling pilot project to include pictorial signage for summer 2018. According to April 24 correspondence with Ottawa’s Environment and

  • Bigbelly inks partnership to market in Europe, Middle East

    May 15, 2018 by SWR Staff

    U.S.-based Bigbelly Inc. and Ireland-based Future Street Ltd. have signed a multimillion dollar investment in sales and marketing programs, business development initiatives, regional event participation, and localized strategic operational supports to develop the Bigbelly business across Europe and the Middle

  • Waste Connections promotes CFO to president

    May 15, 2018 by SWR Staff

    Solid waste services heavyweight Waste Connections Inc. has announced that Worthing Jackman will be the company’s new president as Steve Bouck transitions into retirement July 1. In a statement, CEO Ronald Mittelstaedt noted that Bouck joined Waste Connections shortly after it was founded

  • Pyrowave makes final six in Ontario GHG challenge

    May 15, 2018 by SWR Staff

    Pyrowave, the small company that has become a pioneer in the catalytic microwave depolymerization of plastics, and is featured in the latest print edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine, is now one of six finalists in Ontario’s greenhouse gas

  • News Recycling

    Recycling comes to Medicine Hat

    May 10, 2018 by SWR Staff

    Recycling is finally coming to the Alberta City of Medicine Hat, as the city, in partnership with Can Pak Environmental, begins the process of rolling out some 23,000 blue recycling carts to residents over the next seven weeks. The net

  • News Landfills

    London mulls $4.4M landfill expansion

    May 10, 2018 by SWR Staff

    The City of London’s Managing Director of Environmental and Engineering Services is recommending a new 6.2 hectare cell for the city’s W12A Landfill worth approximately $4.4 million under a new tender. In a report headed to London’s Civic Works Committee

  • Volvo unveils FE electric waste truck

    May 10, 2018 by Today's Trucking

    Volvo Trucks has unveiled another electric truck in the form of the Volvo FE, just three weeks after unveiling its first all-electric truck in the form of the Volvo FL. The FE is designed for city distribution and refuse operations with

  • China bans U.S. scrap imports for one month, cites contamination

    May 7, 2018 by SWR Staff

    Adding to recent trade sanctions, China has suspended U.S. operations of CCIC North America for one month, effective May 4 through June 4, after officials said they continue to find “imported U.S. wastes as raw materials that do not meet

  • News Waste

    U.S. waste industry deaths up 18% in 2017

    May 7, 2018 by SWR Staff

    Last year saw an 18% increase in waste management related deaths, with 132 recorded fatalities, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has announced. SWANA records and investigates fatal incidents that involve solid waste management as part of its