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Montenay wins "Facility of the Year" prize

Enviance, the leading provider of Internet-based, on-demand systems for the management and automation of environmen...

Enviance, the leading provider of Internet-based, on-demand systems for the management and automation of environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance activities, has announced that Montenay York Resources Energy Systems, L.L.C. (“Montenay York”), a leading North American waste-to-energy subsidiary of Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy, Inc. and Veolia Environnment (NYSE:VE), has been chosen as “Facility of the Year” by Environmental Protection (EP). The Enviance System, the first Internet-based platform for the collection, distribution, analysis and reporting of EHS data and information, played a key role in Montenay York’s achievement. Since implementing Enviance, Montenay York has processed over 1.3 million tons of municipal solid waste and has generated 0.65 million megawatts of electricity for 400,000 residents.

Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy, Inc., formerly Montenay Power Corporation, was singled out by governmental regulators, trade associations, and other professional groups who have recognized the company’s success for outstanding environmental management, including air and water quality and safety and health compliance at all 10 of its facilities. Through the utilization of the Enviance System, Montenay York was able to consolidate and standardize its environmental compliance activities into one centralized system while streamlining key internal processes including: data capture, analytical and reporting abilities, business process management functionality and all activities relating to ISO 14001certification.

“The Enviance System contributed to our ability to win this prestigious Facility of the Year award,” said Christopher Neu, Vice President, Operations Support for Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy, Inc. “Enviance has allowed Montenay to reduce the time and cost of data capture to increase data accuracy and dramatically streamline reporting. In addition, built-in alerts and notifications ensure that we address circumstances before they become a problem — drastically reducing the threat of non compliance and reinforcing end-to-end accountability across all facilities.

“We were fortunate to find all this capability in one easy to deploy Internet-based system that can be instantly scaled as the need arises.”

“We congratulate Montenay York on their Facility of the Year Award. Environmental stewardship is all about hard work, focus and innovation,” stated Lawrence Goldenhersh, President and CEO, Enviance. “We are honored to be recognized by Montenay for having made a material contribution to their important achievement.”

About Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy Inc.

Veolia ES Waste-to-Energy Inc. (formerly Montenay Power Corporation) operates and maintains waste-to-energy facilities under long term contracts in cities throughout North America. Energy recovery provides communities with a safe and environmentally sound method of solid waste disposal, while helping North America decrease its dependency on fossil fuels. VES WTE generates enough electrical energy to meet the needs of three million households. State-of-the-art air quality control systems enable VES WTE facilities to easily meet rigorous Clean Air standards. VES WTE also facilitates the design, construction, and financing of integrated solid waste management projects.

About Enviance

Enviance delivers software that automates and improves the management of environmental, health and safety compliance activities. The first and leading operator of Internet-based compliance software as a service, the Enviance System requires no hardware or software installations and is sold on a subscription basis, offering customers the flexibility to scale the solution as their needs change over time. Many leading organizations trust Enviance to help them reduce the time and cost of managing compliance activities, retain institutional knowledge, and confidently certify compliance. Founded in 1999, privately held Enviance is based in Carlsbad , California. For additional information, visit To request a demonstration, email

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