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FCM green fund invests $2.2 million in Guelph

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has announced that the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) will invest $2,22...

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has announced that the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) will invest $2,223,899 for the City of Guelph. The city has invested this funding in six different initiatives to promote community sustainability and effective waste management.

Under three community sustainability projects, the City of Guelph is working with community and other stakeholders to develop feasibility plans that will achieve significant local environmental improvement and community development goals. These planning projects involve:

— The development of assessments and action plans towards the remediation of a former metal foundry and salvage yard at 200 Beverly Street so that the site may provide future opportunities for possible land uses such as housing, commercial, parkland, and institutional development.

— The preparation of a local growth management strategy that will guide the city’s development for the next 25 years. This plan intended to implement the province’s growth plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and will input Guelph’s “values” for community sustainability. Particular attention is being given to urban intensification, transit supportive development, downtown rejuvenation, the creation of a “complete” community and environmental protection.

— The development of a community energy plan that will reduce corporate and community energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by way of a long-term strategy for prioritizing energy considerations in community planning and development.

With GMF support the City of Guelph is also engaged in three environmental waste management projects that will lead to the fulfillment of important municipal waste management and landfill gas utilization goals. These three projects involve:

— A comprehensive review of Guelph’s current solid waste management system in order to identify a new preferred waste management system that will target the diversion of 70 per cent of waste per year.

— The construction of a three megawatt landfill gas (LFG) utilization facility at the Eastview Landfill site to serve as a backup for the existing LFG flare system and, when commissioned, allow for a potential annual reduction of 185,000 tonnes of direct CO(2)e emissions.

— Field testing of the preliminary design for a proposed biosolids processing facility at the City of Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant which will lead to a decrease in the quantity of biosolids requiring management and storage, the maintenance of lower cost biosolids handling equipment, beneficial biosolids reuse and improvement of the hydrolysis of organic material and gas production.

The Government of Canada has endowed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with $550 million to establish and manage the Green Municipal Fund. The Fund supports partnerships and leveraging of both public and private sector funding to reach higher standards of air, water and soil quality, and climate protection.

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