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Stakeholder Engagement Workshop on National Food Waste Reduction Strategy

Food waste presents a significant problem economically, environmentally and socially. It is a challenge that faces countries around the world, including Canada. While European nations and the United States have taken leadership on the issue with changes in policy and practice, Canada is lagging behind.

The National Zero Waste Council has proposed a National Food Waste Reduction Strategy for Canada that takes the best of successful action worldwide and presents a three-pillar approach that includes recommendations for changes in policy, behavior, and innovation in infrastructure.

The National Zero Waste Council is reaching out to leaders in the public, private and community sectors who are involved with food loss and waste. The National Zero Waste Council is seeking feedback on the National Food Waste Reduction Strategy with respect to implementation and collaboration. A deeper and more refined Strategy as a result of stakeholder feedback is expected in 2018.

Please join us for a presentation and workshop discussion on the National Food Waste Reduction Strategy on May 16, 2017.

The National Zero Waste Council is a leadership initiative bringing together governments, businesses and community organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada. The Council is focused on waste prevention and reduction through collaborative action on the design, production and use of goods.

Presenters include:

  • Christina Seidel, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta and National Zero Waste Council Board member
  • Brian Pincott, Councillor, City of Calgary and National Zero Waste Council Board Member
  • Aurea Siemens, National Zero Waste Council – Food Working Group member, City of Edmonton
  • Denise Philippe, Senior Policy Advisor, National Zero Waste Council Secretariat

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