Solid Waste & Recycling


  • "Real" Markets for Recycled Plastic: A Western Perspective

    September 1, 1998 by Helen Spiegelman

    Attendees of the 1998 conference of the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) got an earful of woe about recycling markets. The long-term viability of recycling programs is at stake–not only m…

  • Geosynthetic Landfill Caps

    September 1, 1998 by Andrew Mills

    Landfill cap systems prevent water from entering a landfill site; water which could contribute to the formation of leachate. The cap system uses a combination of drainage and low permeability layers t…

  • Position filled, Colonna to stand trial

    September 1, 1998 by Solid Waste & Recycling

    The Region of Peel has selected Scott Stewart, former public works manager of waste collection and processing, as its new director of waste management. The appointment fills a position left vacant by …