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A new series of recycling containers addresses critical elements to the success of any recycling program: utilization of the highest percentage of recycled content possible, award-winning design and c...

A new series of recycling containers addresses critical elements to the success of any recycling program: utilization of the highest percentage of recycled content possible, award-winning design and construction, customized posters and graphics, user-friendliness and durability.


The Recycled Recyclers series — manufactured by Aurora, Ontario-based Midpoint International — is made from 100 per cent recycled plastic composite, mainly low-density polyethylene with some cellulose and or wood/flour. Through a combination of extensive research and development, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies the company offers a high quality product that is 12 times more durable than wood. The patented extrusion process allows for consistency in colour and appearance throughout. The manufacturing process utilizes a feedstock that consists primarily of recycled diaper and feminine hygiene products.


The container incorporates both old and new technologies to achieve a finished look similar to an injection-molded unit. Using computerized routers, each unit is glued, nailed and finished with a plastic welding process. The final product has a combination of soft edges and aesthetics combined with strength and durability.

A new “locking pin” system prevents unsightly garbage bag overhang. Combining precision engineering with anti-skid technology, the locking pin system holds the bag firmly inside the unit, but doesn’t compromise aesthetics or serviceability.

Customized graphics

A recycling program is only successful when people are educated about what can be recycled versus what is garbage. A properly identified container not only reduces the chance for contamination it also promotes a sense of permanency and ownership to the recycling program. Recycling and commingling programs are subject to change as dictated by the markets and can vary dramatically from region to region. This is why the company inventories custom labels and pictures for every commingling stream that has been brought to our attention. It offers the largest selection of labels and high-resolution four-colour customized posters currently available on the market today.

Ease of maintenance

Recycled Recyclers were designed for ease of service and daily maintenance. Common spills such as tea, coffee and mustard are can be wiped off with any standard industrial degreaser or cleaner. Unlike painted and fiberglass units, which get scratched or defaced, these containers can be repaired with a light sanding to bring back the overall look and appearance. The extrusion process allows for colour consistency throughout the entire container.

Each container comes with stainless steel hardware to handle the day-to-day abuses. They’re waterproof, weather proof and have a higher fire rating than wood. The inside of the container is watertight to prevent leaks and potential damage to carpets and tiles. If the units are left outside there is no fading, as UV stabilizers prevent discoloration.

Organizations that have installed the containers include: Public Works & Government Services Canada, California EPA, Illinois EPA, New York EPA, IBM, NEC, 3M, General Motors and Fuji. According to Regan Eyerman, an environmental engineer with IBM there is concern over theft because the containers look so nice. Melanie Morgan, environmental recycling coordinator with NEC former consoles got dented, scratched and the rust was terrible. Since the Recycled Recyclers installation, she says employee feedback has been outstanding, and the consoles reportedly take a lot of abuse. See for a link to Midpoint’s web site.

Bruce Buchan is president of Midpoint International, based in Aurora, Ontario.

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