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October/November/99CompanyPage ReaderCompanyPage ReaderResponse #Response #All Treat Farms40129oAmbaco Recycling34120oB.J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd.46137oBattery Broker Environmental Ser...


CompanyPage ReaderCompanyPage Reader

Response #Response #

All Treat Farms40129o

Ambaco Recycling34120o

B.J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd.46137o

Battery Broker Environmental Services Inc., The52157o

Busch Systems International42132o

Capital Environmental12103o

Capital Waste18111o

Caterpillar Inc.19112o

Clearspan Limited16108o

Cologne International Trade Shows11164o

Compact Waste Systems Inc.38125o

Contact Exposition Mgmt. Inc.43133o

Continental Bulkbag Ltd.50144o

Dillon Consulting52156o

Earth Tech33119o

Ecolo Odor Control Systems18110o

Eco Waste Solutions13104o

EnerWaste International Corp.50146o

Envirotech Containers International Limited50147o

EPG Companies Inc.40128o

Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers49142o

Fort Garry Industries47138o

Gartner Lee Limited51149o

Green Lane Environmental Group Ltd.52161o

Hercules Tire & Rubber45135o

Howe-Baker Engineers Inc.22115o

International Press Publications51154o

Internet Frontier Inc.48141o

J & M Tire Sales Inc.35122o

Keith Mfg. Co.56163o

Labrie Equipment Ltd.7101o

Les Bras De Fer Gingras Inc.49143o

Les Soundures Chagnon Ltee10102o

Marathon Equipment23117o

Marshall Macklin Monaghan52160o

Metro Waste Paper Recovery22116o

Miller Waste Systems15107o

Mobile Container Service, Inc.51152o

Molok North America Ltd.2100o

NexCycle Industries35121o

O’Brian Manufacturing24118o

Ontario Environmental Products51151o

Peterson Pacific Corp.17109o

Power Budd52159o

Premier Waste Systems51148o

R 2000/Southex Exhibitions36123o

R&D Automotive Technologies Inc.38126o

Schneider Steel51150o

S.E.L. Recycling44134o

Sheehan’s Truck Centre Inc.46136o

Shred-Tech Limited21114o

Swabey Ogilvy Renault52158o

Technicoat Limited13105o

TMS Solutions Ltd.20113o

Universal Handling Equipment 55 162o

Van Dyk Baler Corp.39127o

Walinga Inc.47139o

Walker Magnetics41131o

Walker Magnetics50145o

Wastequip Accurate Canada14106o

Waterloo Biofilter Systems40130o

Weigh-Right Inc.51153o

Wittke Waste Equipment37124o

Wright Environmental 48140o

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