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Printing Waste Solution Wins Gold

DistribuTech received the gold award for the Most Progressive Printing Process at the 2007 Environmental Printing Awards held at the Palais Royale in Toronto. The event recognizes environmental leader...

DistribuTech received the gold award for the Most Progressive Printing Process at the 2007 Environmental Printing Awards held at the Palais Royale in Toronto. The event recognizes environmental leadership within the graphic arts, communications and printing industry. DistribuTech’s recognition was based on the “implementation of a specific technology or process designed to reduce or eliminate practices harmful to the environment.”

“We were thrilled to be recognized at the awards,” states David Reeve, President of DistribuTech. “This award underscores our commitment to the environment and also our close partnership with Hewlett-Packard Canada.”

Hewlett-Packard, one of DistribuTech’s clients, was experiencing high rates of return mail in their business-to-business (B2B) direct marketing campaigns. The average rate of mail returned as undeliverable was approximately 15 per cent in 2005. DistribuTech responded with a solution that dramatically reduced the undeliverable mail rates for its client, resulting in increased ROI for their programs, reduced cost and a significant reduction in waste associated with print production and direct mail delivery.

Key results:

* Return mail rate was reduced from 15 per cent to 5 per cent between January 2005 and November 2006;

* Total waste saved was over 16,000 mailers, equating to 73 trees (according to data from Ecological Mail Coalition); and

* Approximately 100,000 undeliverable records were captured in the database.

“This award is very important to HP as it not only recognizes a marketing innovation and vision that was developed in partnership to solve a business problem, but it also recognizes our environmental commitment to reduce the impact of our products, services and operations,” states Sandra Pakosh, Manager of Marketing Communication for HP Canada’s Technology Solutions Group. “Our environmental commitment spans across many topics ranging from product design, reuse and recycling, energy efficiency, materials innovation and ensuring that our supply chain operates in an environmentally conscious manner.”

The B2B undeliverable mail problem

In 2005 approximately 100 million pieces of B2B direct mail pieces were sent in Canada. Applying a very conservative estimate that 15 per cent of this mail is undeliverable, the total volume of undeliverable B2B mail in Canada is 15 million pieces. According to the Ecological Mail Coalition, this represents 2,800 tonnes of waste representing approximately 67,000 trees!

Undeliverable mail is a chronic problem for B2B marketers. The rate at which people change positions within companies or between companies continues to increase. The challenge facing marketers is that there’s no consolidated database of employee moves. A study completed in 2006 by Dynamic Markets uncovered interesting and disturbing information. For mail addressed to a former employee, a mere 18 per cent of businesspeople recycle it and only 15 per cent return it to the sender. Approximately 61 per cent of this mail is simply thrown away.

About 55 per cent of businesspeople receive some mail intended for previous employees. On average, businesspeople receive 25 items of mail per month addressed to former co-workers. Because only some junk mail is returned, organizations may have a false impression that all the mail they send is arriving at its intended recipients. More often than not, it’s tossed into the trash. The true annual cost could be over $180,000 per organization.

DistribuTech partners with its clients to minimize the environmental impact of their print communications through the implementation of recycling practices and innovation such as DOX_returns.

For additional information on the Environmental Printing Awards please visit www.printaction.com/epa/eventinfo.htmlFor additional information on DOX_returns application please visit www.distributech.caand select “DOX.”

Contact David Reeve, DistribuTech Inc., at dreeve@distributech.ca

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