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News – 01-OCT-99

Name:Title:Company:Address:City:Prov/State:Postal/Zip code__________Phone:Fax:Email:BUYING INTENTIONS:In which of the following product and service categories do you plan to specify, recom...






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In which of the following product and service categories do you plan to specify, recommend, or purchase in the next 12 months?

Use the Peel & Stick label

on the cover

qAggregate & Building Product

qBack Sensor Systems / C.C.T.V. Cameras


qBattery Recycling

qCollection, Hauling & Disposal Services


qComposting Systems (screens, mixers, aerators, bags, etc.)

qContainers (bins, bags, carts, cans, containment walls)

qConsultants / Engineers

qConveyors / Belts / Repair / Maintenance

qEducation Tools & Information Services

qEnclosures / Shelters

qFleet Maintenance Parts (Motors, Brakes, Wheels, Tires, etc)

qHeavy Equipment / Attachments / Parts (excavators, graders, etc.)

qIncineration / Thermal Systems and Equipment

qInstrumentation / Control, Sampling, Monitoring Equipment

qInsurance Services / Adjusters

qLaboratory Services

qLandfill Caps

qLandfill Control Systems

qLandfill Daily Cover

qLandfill Gas Collection & Treatment

qLandfill Gas to Energy Systems

qLeachate Collection & Treatment

qLegal Services

qLiners (landfill, roll-off, etc.)

qMoving Floor Systems

qOdor Control

qPower Take Offs / Hydrolics

qProperty Management Services

qPumps / Valves / Vacuum Systems

qRecycling Services

qRecycling Sorting & Separation Equipment, Collection Vehicles


qShredders, Crushers, etc.

qSludge Filtration / Dewatering

qSoftware & Computer Systems, — CD ROM

qSorting and Separation Products

qTradeshows and Conferences

qTrailers (Transfer)

qTraining and seminars

qTransportation Services

qTrucks & Equipment (frontloaders, roll-offs, luggers, hook lift, etc.)

qTub Grinders / Parts

qWaste / Trash / Recycling Receptacles

qWood Recycling Equipment / Parts (delimbers, debarkers, trommel screens, chippers, etc.)

Type of Industry Please check your organization’s primary function

qAssociations/Trade OrganizationsqOther IC&I

qConstruction/DemolitionqMunicipal Gov’t

qWholesale/RetailqProvincial/Federal Gov’t

qProperty ManagersqWaste disposal/hauling


qFinancial ServicesqOther

Primary Job Function Please check one that best describes your job function

qExecutive ManagementqTechnician/Scientist

qFacility/Site OperatorqWaste management

qRecycling Co-ordinatorqOther_


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