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Reduced To ClearOrwak Recycling Systems Limited is an equipment company with solutions to waste problems. Before buying an Orwak compactor, the company insists on thoroughly examining an operation and...

Reduced To Clear

Orwak Recycling Systems Limited is an equipment company with solutions to waste problems. Before buying an Orwak compactor, the company insists on thoroughly examining an operation and the type of waste that is disposed. The company offers a simple twin-chamber unit that can bale cardboard, compact plastics, flatten beer cans, and densify your non-recyclable waste. Orwak also helps set up a network of recyclers available to haul away paper, plastics, glass, and metal.

Orwak Recycling Systems Limited

call 905-829-5030

fax 905-829-3364

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Composting Is Easy As 1-2-3

Bluewater Marketing Services has added the BIO-ORB Composter to its line of products. The BIO-ORB is specifically designed to make composting faster, easier, and neater. The spherical shape maximizes heat retention for faster composting and allows for easy mixing and mobility. It also eliminates unsightly refuse piles and can be rolled out of sight when not in use.

Bluewater Marketing Services

call 519-524-9252

fax 519-524-9778

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Saturn Shredders

The Saturn Shredders division of MAC Corporation is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of systems for shredding and recycling in the municipal solid waste, waste-to-energy, scrap processing, tire recycling, and hazardous waste markets. Customized and prompt service is available for specific demands. (The company recently shipped a customized, unique unit to its French agent, KIC International.)

Saturn Shredders

call 972-790-7800

fax 972-790-8733

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Waste and Recycling Services

Miller Waste Systems, a division of The Miller Group, is a privately owned and operated Canadian corporation since 1917. With operations throughout Ontario, the company is capable of collecting, processing, marketing, and composting waste streams for both IC&I and municipal contracts. Offering superior service and competitive rates, Miller manages a wide variety of waste and recycling needs.

Miller Waste Systems

call 905-475-6356

fax 905-475-6396

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Durable New Strobes

Two new versions of the UltraStarTM strobe are now available from Federal Signal/Target Tech. UltraStarTM models US5Q and US7 are designed to withstand the harshest environments. The strobe tube is housed in silicone and the circuitry is sealed in gel, minimizing damage from vibration and moisture. Both models feature a die-cast metal base, are multi-volt, and meet SAE Class 1. Model US5Q produces attention-getting 14-joule quadflashes, while model US7 offers a Hi-Lo power adjustment (automatic or manual). Federal Signal Corporation manufactures niche products for safety and signaling products, custom signage, consumable industrial tooling, and emergency and environmental vehicles.

Federal Signal Corporation,

call 708-534-3400

fax 708-534-4727

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Commingled Separation System

Andela Tool & Machine, Inc. has announced its new Commingled Separation System., nicknamed “CoSS.” It can separate glass, plastic, and tin containers without manual sorting. Commingled household containers are loaded into Andela’s Metering Surge Hopper and sent through a breaker and trommel by a pair of conveyors that support a ferrous separation system. This equipment separates all three commodities and automatically discharges them into containers or unloading conveyors, lowering operating costs through reduced manpower and power consumption.

Andela Tool & Machine, Inc.

call 315-858-0055

fax 315-858-2669

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Bulk Waste Loader

Petersen Industries’ truck mounted Lightning Loader and dump body features efficient, one-man operation. This unit is ideal for house-to-house pick-up of heavy brush and white goods, emergency ice and wind storm cleanup, annual cleanup campaigns, and loading illegally dumped materials. It is factory-installed and integrates a truck chassis, loader, and body.

Petersen Industries

call 800-930-LOAD

fax 941-676-6844

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Recycling and Litter Receptacles

The Fibrex Group continues to expand on its popular public area recycling and litter receptacles products line. The new receptacles, site amenities, and street furniture are constructed with up to 100 per cent recycled content, and are available in a wide array of standard and custom designs. Single- and multi-compartment units are available from 15 to 55 gallons and the Automated Cart Containment Receptacles hold 32-, 64-, and 95-gallon automated collection carts.

The Fibrex Group, Inc.

call 800-346-4458

fax 757-487-5876

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