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AXO Shredders, the largest supplier of mobile document shredding systems outside of North America, now offers its systems in the USA and Canada....

AXO Shredders, the largest supplier of mobile document shredding systems outside of North America, now offers its systems in the USA and Canada.

The company’s two most popular pieces of equipment are the AXO WM408 and AXO WM608. One of the main differences between the these models and other options is that AXO can supply them either as a fully built truck, or can take an existing vehicle with older-style low-throughput shredding equipment and retrofit it with one of their high-throughput mobile shredding modules. (Some companies would otherwise be faced with a considerable expense to upgrade their fleet to more productive equipment.)

The module comes complete with shredding and compacting systems, the hydraulic oil tank, the electrical and hydraulic systems and is fitted with hard-wearing grip tread panels. The shafts and cutters are milled from a single piece of steel, making the shaft much more robust than the hexagon shaft of a traditional shredding machine of a similar power rating. This additional thickness, combined with a very smooth hydraulic drive, means AXO can boast that it’s never suffered a shaft failure. From time to time foreign items have been shredded; these have included the normal assortment of hammers, conveyor flights, pieces of steel plate and the like, with no more than superficial damage to the cutters. In addition, the extra shaft thickness provides a more solid cutting platform than the traditional hex shaft. This delivers improved throughput since energy is more directly transferred into the material being shredded rather than lost to micro-flexing.

Customers who are looking for a turnkey mobile shredding system rather than a module will be interested in the that includes the shredding and compacting equipment, AXO Rollout Discharge Conveyor, AXO’s automated bin feed system and a viewing camera. The throughput of waste office paper runs at up to 2,200 lbs per hour for the AXO WM408 model; the AXO WM608 can achieve up to 5,500 lbs per hour. The company offers several cut sizes on their mobile shredding systems — the thickest being 5/8th Inch.

Contact Mike Berry, sales director for AXO Shredders Corp Ltd in Ontario, Canada at

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  1. wayneparker says:

    So if I am looking for a turnkey mobile shredding system, these are the ones I would want. With the choice between the AXO WM408 and AXO WM608, I am going to have to wait and decide which one I want to purchase.

    Wayne. |

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