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Machinex partners with Krysteline for glass recycling solutions

A range of glass purification systems and technologies are available for the removal of all metals, including non-conductive material

Krysteline1_MRQuebec-based recycling systems manufacturer Machinex is partnering with Krysteline Technologies to take advantage of the UK company’s unique glass implosion technology.

Krysteline’s technology is capable of significantly enhancing the glass recovery process within a MRF with effective and efficient benefits towards the end marketplace. The partnership will also offer up a full range of glass clean-up systems specifically designed for MRFs, including a full range of bulk handling equipment that use air density clean-up and screeners to cover all sizes of glass. In addition to its range of technologies, Krysteline can also assist as required with recovered glass commodities trading.

Steve Whettingsteel CEO of Krysteline Technologies says, “Our strategic alliance allows for us to build our equipment locally, reducing costs, decreasing delivery times and of course creating long term sustainable employment. The excellent design and manufacturing facilities of Machinex aims to offer a seamless interface of our technology across this interesting and diverse marketplace. This flexible approach offers Machinex the opportunity to support its clients in way never seen before.”

The market changing Pyro Drier focuses on the removal of non-glass contaminates, high-speed low-energy Cascade Imploders for resizing glass, high-capacity minerals screeners, as well as robotic packaging systems. All of this innovative technology leads to bespoke solutions, which allows for all recovered glass to be transformed economically for use in not only re-melt but also such applications as water filtration, sport turf dressing, expendable abrasive and powders.

Machinex CEO Pierre Paré says, “For us at Machinex, the challenges of processing, recovery and the cleanup of glass has always been determined by the value of glass for re-melt. The market conditions for glass have always been challenging due to the high haulage costs, stringent quality standards and colour disparity dominating strategies and in many cases legislation. The Krysteline technology interprets glass in a different way allowing for a more consistent value to be achieved on all recovered glass, no matter its size or colour. This is great news for the remelt industry as well as other emerging applications. We look forward to working with Krysteline across our diverse global marketplace.

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