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Landfill compactor features low-emissions engine

The new 836H landfill compactor from Caterpillar retains the best features of its predecessor, including high-efficiency, low-effort hydraulics, durable structures and a comfortable cab, and also many...

The new 836H landfill compactor from Caterpillar retains the best features of its predecessor, including high-efficiency, low-effort hydraulics, durable structures and a comfortable cab, and also many updates including a high-performance, low-emissions engine, new cooling system technologies, an additional blade option and other improvements that make the machine easier to operate and service.

The most significant change is the engine: a new Cat C18 that delivers 372 net kW (498 net hp) at 1800 rpm. The engine features ACERT Technology, an exclusive Cat emissions reduction solution. Key elements of the ACERT Technology solution include:

* A cross-flow cylinder head that brings more clean air into the combustion chamber and improves air distribution, ensuring a cleaner combustion process.

* A waste-gated, water-cooled turbocharger that also improves air flow and reduces emissions.

* A mechanically actuated, electronically controlled unit injection system that delivers micro-bursts of fuel to the combustion chamber — just prior to and after the main injection — improving control over emissions.

* A 32-bit ADEM’ IV control system that manages the fuel injection process and other power train operations with precision and accuracy, reducing emissions, while boosting performance and maximizing component life.

The engine incorporates other valuable improvements. Straight-thread o-ring connection points throughout the block replace the traditional pipe thread ports, delivering leak-free performance, despite the engine’s high internal pressures. The one-piece, gray-iron block has generous ribbing for extra stiffness and heavy bearing bulkheads to improve rigidity and strength when the crankshaft turns. A pendulum absorber drive gear reduces torsional load throughout the gear train, improving reliability and wear life. A newly designed head gasket, made of graphite and steel composite, seals the combustion chamber with better rigidity and wear capability. A one-piece, all-steel piston design maintains structural integrity, despite high compression ratios in the combustion chamber. Larger piston pins, connecting rods and rod bearings enhance durability. Metallurgical improvements to the rod bearing also contribute to longer wear life. The accessory drive sits on a cast iron housing and has a serpentine belt with automatic tensioning to ensure proper performance over time.

A new Automatic Blade Positioning system also makes the operator’s job easier. It automatically lowers the blade when the machine is shifted forward and raises it in reverse, improving operator comfort and productivity. To further reduce fatigue, a kickout feature allows the operator to raise and lower the blade without having to hold the joystick in place.

The cooling system on the 836H has also been updated. This machine now features as standard equipment, extreme service, six-fins-per-inch Next Generation Modular Radiator copper-alloy cores, copper-brazed for high joint integrity. The tubes, side sheets, header plate and tank are made of brass for extra durability. This radiator provides better cooling capabilities and is easier to service than previous designs. Cooling capabilities and operating efficiency have also been enhanced through the used of a demand fan that automatically adjusts fan speed to match coolant temperature.

For easier service access, pressure taps for the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control transmission have been relocated to a convenient spot behind the cab.

The 836H can now be equipped with a 27 yd3 (21 m3) Semi U blade, complementing the Straight and U blade options available on the previous model. Optional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are available to enhance safety and visibility at night or in low light conditions. HID lights are six times brighter than conventional lights. The new landfill compactor can be outfitted with an optional Product Link system from Caterpillar. Product Link uses satellite technology and the Internet to monitor machine location, service meter hour and product health information. The machine also comes equipped with all the brackets and wiring necessary to install the Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) from Caterpillar. CAES is an automated production tool that combines onboard sensors, advanced control systems and GPS technology to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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