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The @Road Facilities Management Suite combines GPS tracking, dynamic routing and scheduling, electronic cover sheets (and more) to help waste companies with complex commercial and roll-off lines of bu...

The @Road Facilities Management Suite combines GPS tracking, dynamic routing and scheduling, electronic cover sheets (and more) to help waste companies with complex commercial and roll-off lines of business reduce hours per haul, increase container swaps and standardize business processes. By eliminating manual routing and data entry activities, @Road customers have also improved the dispatcher to driver ratio from one dispatcher for every 25 drivers, to one dispatcher for every 45 drivers.

Product features and benefits in the @Road Facilities Management Suite include:

@Road GeoManagersm. Combines GPS, wireless communications and internet technologies to provide a hosted, web-based mobile resource management solution. Includes FieldServices reports and two-way messaging and forms.

Dynamic routing and scheduling. Designed for industrial roll-off lines of business to provide dynamic dispatching capabilities to improve route optimization, increase the number of jobs done per day and efficiently schedule and dispatch unplanned jobs as they arise.

Route Compliance. Analyzes compliance and productivity with powerful, interactive reporting tools that measure planned vs. actual schedules, on-time routes, unmatched locations, daily line-up planning, driver route sheets, route density, daily Gantt charts, and proof of service.

Electronic Cover Sheet. Daily generated bar-coded route sheets for industrial roll-off and commercial lines of business based on computer analysis of job tickets, route and employee schedules, facilities, and vehicle and container types.

Barcode Wand. Automatically captures and transmits proof of pick-up information and eliminates paperwork, reduces reporting errors and streamlines payroll and billing cycles. Drivers can perform additional code scans for on-route data collection to record obstacles such as locked gates, debris blockage, or unexpected snow and ice conditions.

Two-Way Communication. Messaging and automated forms provide instant access to critical information between drivers and dispatchers. Automatically updates each driver’s location and speed, to dynamically dispatch the closest driver to a customer.

Vehicle Diagnostics (J1708/OBDII). Monitors vehicle diagnostics and sends email alerts to dispatchers based on driver behavior and vehicle performance. Diagnostic reports are used to help lower overall maintenance costs.

Starting at a base price of $39.95 per month for the @Road GeoManager Service, customers subscribing to the @Road Facilities Management Suite can choose from the above menu of value-added services to tailor the base offering to their unique business needs.

Contact Leo Jolicoeur, chief marketing officer and senior vice president in Fremont, California at

Route Tracker

Cancom, a Shaw Communications company, has launched Turnpike’s Route Tracker. Route Tracker offers GPS tracking, vehicle activity recording, incident recording and automated IFTA fuel and mileage reporting.

Route Tracker points the way to increased productivity through automated monitoring of driver and vehicle activity, fuel consumption, idle times, over speeds, abuse and service windows. It is a state of the art “on-board trip recorder” that combines Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), private network wireless downloads, and engine ECM data. Route Tracker will streamline and improve a fleet’s performance with respect to: vehicle and driver productivity, route optimization, customer service, fuel economy, safety and IFTA reporting.

Home Hardware has outfitted its entire national fleet with Route Tracker. Gerry Gerber, Home Hardware’s fleet operations manager, says, “Route Tracker has allowed us to automate IFTA fuel tax filing, replace tacographs and automatically monitor fleet operations. Monitoring actual routes, speeds, service times and idle times are a good first step in reducing fuel costs and improving the productivity and safe operation of our fleet.”

Contact Lana Smith, marketing communications for Cancom, at

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