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HGL mixers mount to IBCs or totes

bulkhead fitting. The HGL Mixer features a short shaft and a folding propeller that are constructed of 316SS and capable of fitting through a two-inch opening; the prop’s operating diameter is nine inches. A second folding propeller can be added as an accessory and bolted anywhere on the 3/4″ dia. shaft. Motors available with Neptune’s HGL Mixer include TEFC electric motors (1/3 to 1 HP) or air motors (1/2 to 1 HP). Explosion-proof motors are also available. Visit

Heat Exchangers

DDI, the manufacturer of the “Rectangular Square Cube” ™ channeled, low-maintenance heat exchangers and heat recovery has announced that the company installed six large heat exchangers via Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, of Houston TX, for their ECO-THERM Process Design in Tulsa Oklahoma. This project was with the cooperation of HDR Engin- Neptune Mixer Company’s new Series HGL (430 RPM) mixers allow easy integration with standard intermediate bulk-containers (IBCs) or poly tote bins by use of an optional 2″ 316SS eering Inc of Dallas Texas and Tulsa City WWTP.

The system utilizes sludge-to-sludge heat recovery that could have a payback of within a year. Compact rectangular flow channels allow for a no plug design, or at least for much, much less plugging, then any other technology. Visit

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