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Hauler's Page (January 01, 1999)

Remarkable refuse at "ReVamp" On November 7, the Recycling Council of Ontario held its fifth annual ReVamp fashion show at BCE Place in Toronto. The event is organized by the council and corporate spo...

Remarkable refuse at “ReVamp”

On November 7, the Recycling Council of Ontario held its fifth annual ReVamp fashion show at BCE Place in Toronto. The event is organized by the council and corporate sponsors to raise public awareness during Waste Reduction Week (November 2 to 9) about the environmental consequences of fashion (fabric production and disposal). According to RCO Executive Director John Hanson, cotton crops represent less than one per cent of the world’s total agricultural production but account for about 25 per cent of the total synthetic pesticide use. Synthetic fibres are also a concer, as they are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Eco-friendly fibres presented at the show included unbleached, organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel, which is processed naturally from the cellulose found in trees. Recycled materials included rubber and Polartec fleece, which contains 89 per cent PET plastic.

Contact the RCO, 416-960-1025

Alberta dairy ultimatum

Alberta’s dairy industry has been given until April 1, 1999 to come up with a stewardship plan that will recover 75 per cent of all its packaging. After a meeting with industry representatives in October, Environmental Protection Minister Ty Lund stated that if the industry fails to set up a plan, the government will impose a solution. Debbie Hofstra, of the Alberta Dairy Council, says the industry would support a voluntary collection system that does not have an impact on the price of milk.

B.C.’s drink box recycling extension

Since October 1, 1998, B.C.’s Beverage Container Stewardship Program has been in effect. This regulation expands the current deposit/refund system to include all ready-to-drink beverages (except milk and milk substitutes). The Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks has agreed to grant polycoat paper containers (gable top containers and drink boxes) a one-year extension from the regulation. (Contrary to the regulation’s stance on non-compliance, fines have not been issued.) An industry committee made up of representatives from the American Forest & Paper Association, International Paper Co., Weyerhauser Canada, Sun-Rype Products, Dairyworld Foods, Juice Council if B.C., and Tetra Pak Canada has been created to deal with the issue. The committee has signed a Memorandum of Agreement and is to deliver a solution to implement a recycling program for these containers no later than October 1, 1999. (No repercussions have been outlined if the industry fails to deliver a solution on that date.) The Recycling Council of B.C. is disappointed in the decision to grant the extension and has issued a public statement which outlines why it believes the terms of the extension are problematic. The Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Foods, and the RCBC have been given “observer status” on the polycoat container committee.

Contact RCBC, 604-683-6009

New on-board scale partners

On October 26, Markham, Ontario-based MASS Corporation and Southampton, New York-based Electronic Funds & Data Corp. announced a strategic marketing alliance designed to integrate the automated technologies of collections, weighing, calculation, and billing. Both companies will market each other’s services to industry vendors, private/public companies and municipalities in order to secure and expand market penetration. According to EF&D Manager of Solid Waste Robert Nikolich, the solid waste industry is in a time of tremendous change; technologies, mergers, and new regulations are forcing companies to become more efficient. MASS Director of Marketing and Sales Steve Frame says automated systems are the cornerstones upon which industry will secure its customer base, but they must be easy-to-use. MASS’ specially designed scales integrate with most lift arm assemblies.

Contact Steve Frame, 888-691-MASS

Legend Valley’s Facility

Legend Valley Products, a supplier of after-market parts for waste hauling truck bodies, recently moved its corporate headquarters to a larger facility in Leiters Ford, Indiana. The re-location enables the company to better accommodate increased growth and demand. Also, all the company’s operations are now housed in one facility including manufacturing, engineering, warehouse, shipping, and administration. Parts supplied by the company for waste hauling truck bodies include: hydraulic cylinders and parts, pumps, winches, valves, rear vision systems, cart lifters, container parts, pins, bushings, filters, casters, lighting, and panels.

For more information call 800-331-6557

Wastequip’s new division

Wastequip, Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario recently announced the startup of its new solid waste equipment manufacturing division, Wastequip Accurate Canada. As of January 1999, this division will build open-top roll-off containers and distribute hoists. With sixteen facilities throughout North America, the company is recognized as one of the world’s largest container manufacturers.

Contact Maria Januszewska, 905-883-1052

Compost problem solved

MGL Technologies Ltd. recently demonstrated its Compost Particle Separation Unit (CPSU), a composting machine capable of picking bits of plastic from organic trash. The machine has the ability to discharge five distinct products (both oversized and standard bulking agents, coarse and medium-sized compost, very fine compost, and polyethylene) from compost at a rate of 20 to 50 yards per hour.

Contact MGL Technologies Ltd., 519-681-1301

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