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1998 RCO CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW OCTOBER 6-8, 1998A -1 Products241 Clarence StBrampton Ontario L6W 4P2tel: 905-451-4800 fax: 905-451-9977Cathy Tedesco, Sales RepresentativeBOOTH #415Recycling contai...


A -1 Products

241 Clarence St

Brampton Ontario L6W 4P2

tel: 905-451-4800 fax: 905-451-9977

Cathy Tedesco, Sales Representative

BOOTH #415

Recycling containers.

Ambaco Recycling Technologies Inc

963 Brock Rd

Unit 10

Pickering Ontario L1W 3A4

tel: 905-420-0466 fax: 905-420-0319

Bob Marshall, General Manager

BOOTH #306

Ambaco Recycling Technologies designs, supplies, and installs process equipment for recycling plants serving the residential, IC&I, and C&D sectors. Our principle manufacturers are American Baler and Machinex Industries.

Biocorp Inc.

2619 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Redondo Beach CA 90278

tel: 310-643-1626 fax: 310-643-1622

J Scheer, Director of Communication

BOOTH #302

Compostable and biodegradable bags and cutlery.

Bumble Bee Recycling Inc.

126 Bonnie Cres

Elmira Ontario N3B 3S8

tel: 519-669-5526 fax: 519-669-3032

Marc Christiaens, President

BOOTH #103/105

This company is working with industry and governments at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels, to address problems facing the propane industry.

Brown Bear Corporation

P.O. Box 29

Corning Iowa 50841

tel: 515-322-4220 fax: 515-322-3527

Paul S. Fredin, Director of Sales & Marketing

BOOTH #421

Manufacturer of hydrostatic tractors, loaders and auger/aerator attachments

used for dewatering, composting and bioremediation. Self propelled

tractors from 116-300 hp. Attachments for skid steer loaders and farm

tractors up to 100 hp.

Busch Systems Int’l Inc

130 Saunders Rd

Suite 7

Barrie Ontario L4N 9A8

tel: 1-800-565-9931 fax: 905-722-8972

Craig Busch, President

BOOTH #301

Busch Systems is recycling containers. New SIR 18 and SIR 21 gallon Blue Boxes for bi-weekly collection. The deskside recycling solution with divider and/or hanging waste basket.

CSR: Corporations Supporting Recycling

26 Wellington St E

Suite 601

Toronto Ontario M5E 1S2

tel: 416-594-3456 fax: 416-594-3463

Damian Bassett, President and CEO

BOOTH #116

CSR is a voluntary, multi-sector coalition of more than 150 corporate members dedicated to reducing, in a cost effective manner, the impact of their products on the solid waste stream. On behalf of members, CSR works in partnership with municipalities to demonstrate and implement cost-effective recycling and educational communication programs to lead to more effective recycling behaviour and increased recovery rates.

Canadian Aerosol Information Bureau

56 Sparks St

Suite 500

Ottawa Ontario K1P 5A9

tel: 613-232-6616 fax: 613-233-6350

Julie Gregoire, Coordinator

BOOTH #123

Allows municipalities to integrate aerosol containers into recycling programs.

Continental Bulkbag Limited

60 Taggart St

Guelph Ontario N1H 6H8

tel: 519-837-9720 fax: 519-837-9731

Laura Peer, VP or Operations

BOOTH #222

Refurbishing of polypropylene bulkbags (cleaning/sewing/washing) for re-use.

Cover-All Shelters


Lucknow Ontario N0G 2H0

tel: 519-528-2922 fax: 519-528-2890

Ben Hogervorst, President

BOOTH #206

Innovative design, a superior steel framework, and a unique Dura-weave cover combine to deliver the quality and durability you expect from the industry leader. Cover-All Shelters are affordable, easy to install, maintain, and relocate. They can be sized to fit your precise need. They will stand up to severe environmental conditions year after year. Sizes ranging from 18 to 72-inches wide, lengths are customized.


1330 Burlington St E

P.O Box 2460

Hamilton Ontario L8N 3J5

tel: 905-548-4523 fax: 905-545-3236

John Paulowich, Manager

BOOTH #216/315

One of Canada’s largest steel producers of flat rolled and tubular steels, sold to customers in the automotive, construction, energy, and steel distribution industries.

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

1075 Bay St

Suite 605

Toronto Ontario M5S 2B1

tel: 416-325-3373 fax: 416-325-3370

John Ferguson, Education Officer

BOOTH #401

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is empowered by the Environmental Bill of Rights to facilitate and oversee public participation in environmental decision-making in the province of Ontario.

First Brands (Canada) Corp / GLAD

2 Sheppard Ave E

20th Floor

North York Ontario M2N 5Y7

tel: 416-512-3354 fax: 416-512-3250

Dave Douglas, Manager, Environmental Affairs

BOOTH #119

Blue bags, Clear Plastic Bags, “See Through” Green Plastic Bags.

Horizon Plastics

Box 474

Cobourg Ontario K9A 4L1

tel: 905-372-2291 fax: 905-372-9397

Clay Elliott, President

BOOTH #111

“Soilsaver” plastic compost bin.

HUWS Corporation


Palgrave Ontario L0N 1P0

tel: 519-942-1008 fax: 519-942-1060

Dana Braikovich, Communications

BOOTH #104

Composting Biocell Technology

IPL Inc.

35 Raiford St

Aurora Ontario L4G 6J3

tel: 416-931-6061 fax: 905-841-6186

Bill MacDonald, Sales Manager

BOOTH #405

The only Canadian manufacturer of injected molded wheel carts.

Image Products

3 Gold Tree St

Brampton Ontario L6R 1T8

tel: 905-792-9373 fax: 905-792-2369

Joe Reis, Owner

BOOTH #102

Innovative designs of recycling centers.

KMW Systems Inc.

3330 White Oak Rd

London Ontario N6E 1L8

tel: 519-686-1771 fax: 519-686-1132

Eric Bertil Rosen, President

BOOTH #402

Energy Technology: disposing of renewable biomass to create energy that contributes to the reduction of CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Molok Oy

7-5230 Glen Erin Dr

Mississauga Ontario L5M 5Z7

tel: 905-814-5444 fax: 905-814-5222

Marja Loshkov, Vice President

BOOTH #202/204

Utilize our containers for the collection of recyclables and you’ll notice bottomless savings in no time.

Morbark Sales Corporation

8507 South Winn Rd

P.O Box 1000

Winn MI 48896

tel: 800-831-0042 fax: 517-866-2280

Tom Mitchell, Regional Sales Manager

BOOTH #303

Tub Grinders & Horizontal Grinders (both Portable and Stationary), Trommel Screens, Material Handling Conveyors.

Multi Bag Imports Inc.

6525 Decarie Blvd


Montreal Quebec H3W 3E3

tel: 514-738-3961 fax: 514-738-3676

Saul Mendelson, President

BOOTH #107

Distributors of woven plastic bags designed and made to measure. These bags are used to bring recyclable items to a public depot.

Muma Manufacturing Inc.

181 Woodworth Ave

St.Thomas Ontario N5P 3K8

tel: 519-631-1771 fax: 519-631-1700

Michael Muma, President

BOOTH #305

Muma designs and manufactures quality debagging and sorting equipment for residential/ICI recycling centres. The Muma bag opener, your debagging solution…opens and empties bags and bundles and provides an even material feed.

Norseman Plastics Ltd.

39 Westmore Dr

Rexdale Ontario M9V 3Y6

tel: 416-745-6980 fax: 416-745-7140

Art McKenzie, National Sales Manager

BOOTH #203

Composters and blue boxes.

OMG Media

3901 Hwy #7

Suite 407

Woodbridge Ontario L4L 2S4

tel: 905-264-8855 fax: 905-264-8404

Loredana Oliveti, Office Manager

BOOTH #418/420

Waste receptable with recycling features, two advertising panels.

Prescott Paper Products Inc.

100 Susan St

P.O Box 550

Prescott Ontario K0E 1T0

tel: 613-925-2801 fax: 613-925-3354

Wayne Runte, Executive Director

BOOTH #217

Environmentaly-friendly packaging products.

Project Green

477 Pelissier St

Unit 7

Windsor Ontario N9A 4L2

tel: 519-254-7336 fax: 519-254-8695

Steve Stephenson, Executive Director

BOOTH #410

Rainbarrels, composters, blue boxes, various residential and IC&I programs.

Recycling Council of Ontario

489 College St

Suite #504

Toronto Ontario M6G 1A5

tel: 416-960-1025 fax: 416-960-8053

Cara Henry, Acting Meetings Manager

TH #109

ng Council of Ontario (RCO) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978. A leading authority on waste management, the RCO represents individuals, business, government, and community groups.

Recycling Product News

201-2323 Boundary Rd

Vancouver BC V5M 4V8

tel: 604-291-9900 fax: 604-291-1906

Don McIntosh, Manager

BOOTH #414

Industry magazine published nine times a year, serving the Canadian recycling industry. Focused on equipment, methods, and technologies.

Recycling Today Media Group

4012 Bridge Ave

Cleveland Ohio 44113

tel: 216-961-4130 fax: 216-961-0364

Bob Emery, Regional Sales Manager

BOOTH #113

Recycling Today delivers superior, total coverage of the secondary commodity processing and recycling marketplace. Recycling Today delivers the largest circulation of scrap processors and material recovery facilites (MRF’s) of any publication as well as C& D and other recycling market segments.

Recycltech Limited

471 Champagne Dr

North York Ontario M3J 2C6

tel: 416-633-6982 fax:416-633-6804

Jason Tower, Retrofit Recycling Specialist

BOOTH #117

Since 1991, Recycltech Ltd. has specialized in patented automated recycling systems. These systems allow residents of high-rise buildings to dispose of their garbage and separated recyclables down a single (or existing) waste chute. These systems can be retrofitted in existing buildings or installed in new contruction projects. Recyltech’s other product lines include compactors, containers and odour control systems. Recycltech Ltd. is a Toronto-based company and is a subsidiary of Hi-Rise Recycling Systems Inc. of Florida. It is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange (stock symbol HIRI).

Rehrig Pacific Company

2 Ingleside Place

London Ontario N6C 1E1

tel: 519-438-0936 fax: 519-672-0392

Paul Speed, Canadian Sales

BOOTH #304

Suppliers of curbside blue boxes, carts for recycling and residual collection. Manufacturing specialized carts for organic collection and integrated maximum diversion systems.

S.E.L. Recycling

P.O Box 36

Elmira Ontario N2V 1X5

tel: 519-669-2456 fax: 519-669-5710

Steven Sittler, President

BOOTH #115

S.E.L. Recycling is the leader in providing mobile yard and brush waste processing. We deliver value added services for compost site operations, C& D recycling operators and landfills, including marketing of processed materials. We own and operate a Resource Recovery Facility for all types of IC&I materials. S.E.L. develops solutions in partnership with municipal and industrial clients for all types of waste managment operations.

SSI Schaefer

140 Nuggett Crt

Brampton Ontario L6T 5H4

tel: 905-458-5399 fax: 905-458-7951

Otto Fasthuber, VP & General Manager

BOOTH #106/205

Wheeled carts for recycling, residuals and compostable materials. Provide expertise in the development of a fully-integrated waste system.

Solid Waste & Recycling

951 Denison St. Unit 4

Markham Ontario L3R 3W9

tel: 905-305-6155 fax: 905-305-6255

Arnie Gess, Sales Director

BOOTH #316

Solid Waste & Recycling, Canada’s magazine on collection, hauling, recycling & disposal. The Official Show Guide for the 1998 RCO 19th Annual Conference and Trade Show!

TCR Environmental Corp.

105 White St

Aylmer Ontario N5H 3E8

tel: 519-773-7204 fax: 519- 765-1033

Bill Hett, President & CEO

BOOTH #201

Comprehensive waste management services, including the award-winning TCR Total Recycling System that has demonstrated up to 80 per cent diversion from landfill. (MSW and IC&I)

Tetra Pak Canada Inc.

10 Allstate Parkway

2nd Floor

Markham Ontario L3R 5P8

tel: 905-305-6914 fax: 905-305-6903

Anne Mathewson, Manager, Environmental Affairs

BOOTH #215

The environmental benefits associated with Tetra Pak cartons, including their recyclability.

The Green Workplace

777 Bay St

15th Floor

Toronto Ontario M5G 2E5

tel: 416-585-7567 fax: 416-585-6681

Dolores Maher, Marketing/Communication Officer

BOOTH #408

Government of Ontario’s Greening Office: Speicalizes in creating, implementing & communicating 3Rs programs, monitoring and tracking utility use in office buildings, consulting for private sector organizations.

Turtle Island Recycling Co.

242 Cherry St

P.O Box 6762 Station A

Toronto Ontario M5W 1X5

tel: 416-406-2040 fax: 416-406-2040

Ted Manziaris, President

BOOTH #406

Provides multi-material recycling services including blue box recycling, commercial, industrial, and institutional programs. Supplies waste audits, new technology to separate laminated and composite materials.

Champion,” 46-yard capacity.


For more information on sponsorship opportunities please contact Clarissa Morawski, at (416) 960-1025 ext 19.




Tuesday, October 6th

13:00-17:00 Tour Program

Tour 1

Packaging Reuse, Solar Aquatics, ICI Composting

Tour 2

Depackaging and Food Reclamation, High Rise Recycling Technology and Plastics Manufacturing

Tour 3

Fibre, Tire and Aggregates Recycling


Tour 4

Corporate 3Rs, Recycled Composite Pallet Production and Municipal Disposal and Diversion

17:00-19:00 Reception in Trade Show Hall (Hall C)

19:30-23:00 Dine-Around-Town

Wednesday, October 7th

8:30-10:00 OPENING PLENARY: (Leonard Cohen Hall)



Dr. William Rees, University of British Columbia

10:00-10:30 Refreshment Break / Trade Show Break (Hall C)

Pierre Berton 2&3

Donald Sutherland 1&2

Donald Sutherland 4&


Hitting The Targets: A Multi-Residential Challenge

Beverage Container Recovery in Canada: Understanding Provincial Programs

Completing the 3Rs Equation: The Organics Factor

12:00-13:30 Lunch Plenary: The Honourable Norm Sterling, Ontario Minister of the Environment(Leonard Cohen Hall)

13:30-15:30 Trade Show Break (Hall C)

Pierre Berton 2&3

Donald Sutherland 1&2

Donald Sutherland




Multi-Material Recycling Facilities: Technology, Rationalization and Intra-Municipal Processing

The New Economics of Waste Management

Breaking The Garbage Barrier: Toronto’s Waste Management Options


Reception in Trade Show Hall (Hall C)


RCO’s 20th Birthday Celebration Dinner and Party Thursday, October 8th

8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast in Trade Show Hall (Hall C)


Plenary: What’s Hot (Leonard Cohen Hall)


Refreshment Break / Trade Show Break (Hall C)

Pierre Berton 2&3

Donald Sutherland 1&2

Donald Sutherland 4&5


Moving Targets: Shooting For Maximum Diversion

Independents’ Day: Surviving Waste Industry Consolidation

HHW Stewardship: Options for Ontario


Lunch Plenary: Dr. David Suzuki, The Nature of Things (Leonard Cohen Hall)


OCTOBER 6-8, 1998

It’s been almost twenty years since the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) formed to bring recyclers together and promote the 3Rs of waste management in Canada’s most populated and industrial province. Instrumental in helping launch the widely-adopted Blue Box program, RCO has since gone on to bring together public and private sector organizations to grapple with some of the more difficult resource use issues facing society today. Many of these issues are on the agenda for RCO’s 19th Annual Conference and Trade Show taking place at the Toronto Congress Centre this October 6 to 8.

This year’s program includes the following plenary speakers:

Dr. Suzuki is Canada’s most recognized scientist. He is a writer, host of CBC television’s The Nature of Things, and founder of the Suzuki Foundation, w
hich focuses on a broad range of environmental and sustainability issues. Dr
. Suzuki has been invited to discuss the environmental implications of global resource use and his thoughts on how we accommodate Earth’s burgeoning population of consumers.



r. Bill Rees is the director of community and regional planning at the University of British Columbia. In his acclaimed book, Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on Earth, Dr. Rees provides astounding data about the resources used and pollution generated to support individuals in various parts of the world. If you missed Dr. Rees’ riveting talk at the 1997 RCO Conference, this is your opportunity to hear him discuss our “Ecological Footprints” and how, in truly valuing our future, it is our responsibility to consider them in our daily lives.

The Honourable Norm Sterling states that until now, waste management in the province has been governed by more than eight regulations. This has led to confusion about the requirements and, in some cases, actually worked against good environmental protection.

His government proposes to change that with one waste management regulation containing the requirements for managing recyclables, non-hazardous, and hazardous wastes. The proposed new regulation will be better, stronger, and clearer and will result in more cost-effective and better management of wastes and recyclables.

Mr. Sterling will discuss his Ministry’s plan on regulations, financing, and industry stewardship on October 7th at the RCO Conference.

46 Solid Waste & RecyclingAugust/September 1998

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