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Today, business operates in a global marketplace; hence there's a need for standardization of the way businesses manage their operations for the quality of a service or product.

Today, business operates in a global marketplace; hence there’s a need for standardization of the way businesses manage their operations for the quality of a service or product.

We need to identify and manage our risks in business whether they’re related to the quality of the product/service we offer or to environment, health and safety and financial. The international standards for management systems has been the growing criteria (framework) used by organizations around the world to implement efficient and effective management systems for Environment — ISO 14001, Occupational Health & Safety — OHSAS 18001, and Quality — ISO 9001, and even the quality management of projects to ISO 10006.

Management system structure to ISO requirements is understood around the world, by financial institutions, government and your customers/suppliers, and proves to them that you have identified your risks and have systems in place to manage, plan, monitor, measure and control your organization’s operations and improve your business.

Has your organization implemented its environmental management system to ISO 14001? If not, why not?

The Standards Council of Canada commissioned a survey that examined different business sectors and reported that 60 per cent of unregistered organizations believed that obtaining ISO 14000 registrations are overly expensive, while 50 per cent believed that registration required too much time. ISO committees have been reviewing ISO implementation for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) due to these concerns.

E-learning resources

People need to make changes quickly and to be efficient and effective in the way they manage. The Internet helps greatly in this regard. Learning on the internet assists busy managers and gives them the opportunity to learn from leading experts around the world to facilitate professional growth and knowledge. It’s no longer necessary to disrupt normal operations by sending key people to costly off-site training seminars or hiring consultants and trainers for in-house training sessions.

Internet training is user-friendly and provides “just-in-time” education. The training provided is multi-sensory, multi-media courseware and provides student management in a cost-effective environment to a world-wide audience.

After ten years of providing in-house and scheduled training programs for government, registrars and industry, Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc. collaborated with Learning Library to develop the first international on-line e-learning program to assist SMEs in the implementation of their management systems to international standards. Training that might otherwise cost a company thousands of dollars (for a consultant) has been put into an on-line series along with a process for implementation and tools for a cost-effective way to assist business, all for around just $2,000. The courses are provided in a management series (environment, health & safety, quality) and individual modules are presented in one to two hours, both in audio and power point, including checklists and tools for implementation through workshop exercises, and testing of knowledge through quiz questions.

Jayne Pilot is CEO of Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc., in Brampton, Ontario. Contact Jayne at

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