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Canadian Solid Waste Expo Update

Readers of this magazine will be interested to learn that the new trade show being produced for the Canadian market in December is showing early signs of success. It's quite extraordinary that, more t...

Readers of this magazine will be interested to learn that the new trade show being produced for the Canadian market in December is showing early signs of success. It’s quite extraordinary that, more than four months before it’s first debut, a new show in Canada would have signed commitments from more than 115 exhibitors, but the Canadian Solid Waste Expo found itself in exactly this position in late July. I personally have been involved with the production of several environment industry trade shows and conferences that failed to attain that level of participation until their sixth or seventh year. (Hats off to the organizers!)

The event, which will be Canada’s only trade show covering every aspect of collection, hauling, recycling, and disposal, takes place December 2-3, 1998 at the International Centre near the international airport in Toronto, Ontario. Organizers say the show will have a strong private-sector “IC&I” element, as well as displays directed to all levels of government in Canada (especially municipalities).

Sponsor group meetings

To my mind, one of the most promising aspects of this event is the participation of some very credible organizations that will each hold important meetings concurrently with the show. What I look for in shows is not just the chance to view the latest wares from product and service providers, but also the chance to network with the industry “players” right on the show floor. I’m already seeing some tremendous cooperation between the Ontario Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), The Composting Council of Canada, and the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA). In a small country like Canada, it’s important that members of groups like these get to know one another and work on projects that are mutually beneficial. Hopefully, counterpart organizations from other provinces will get involved, too. (This is a national show.)

To further that aim, each sponsor group is holding meetings and activities to encourage networking. For example, SWANA–Ontario is holding a luncheon and is conducting workshops in the morning and afternoon of December 2 (the first day), and plans to have its association executives meet, as well.

The OWMA is hosting a cocktail reception and dinner on December 2. “An evening with Ron MacLean” will consist of good food, stimulating conversation, and lots of laughs. MacLean is best known as the “straight man” on hockey’s Coach’s Corner. (And, some would argue, the voice of reason that saves Don Cherry from getting a puck in the head!) From Molson’s Hockey Night in Canada on CBC, this Gemini Award-winning sportscaster has expanded his professional duties to include hosting CBC’s coverage of the Summer and Winter Olympics, Calgary Stampede, Commonwealth Games, and World Track & Field Championships.

Registrations for the OWMA dinner will be distributed in the Fall. All industry professionals are invited to visit the Solid Waste Expo during the day and stay on at the International Centre and visit The French Room at 5 p.m. for what promises to be an extremely entertaining dinner.

The Composting Council of Canada, meanwhile, will be co-sponsoring (with this magazine) an industry networking breakfast on the morning of December 3. The guest speaker has yet to be finalized, but the goal is to put compost experts and professionals from other sectors of the public and private waste management industry in touch with one another. Announcements will be made in the next issue of this magazine, and detailed information will be available from the Council in the early Fall.

My advice to readers is, get registered right now. Whether you’re an exhibitor or visitor, it will really help the organizers make this event bigger and better if they know who’s participating early-on. Our industry needs an event like this produced in Canada–by Canadians and for Canadians! You are in a position to make it successful!

For more information on exhibit space or attending, call Stuart Galloway at 1-800-787-9328 or Lee Baker at 416-782-4753 (both are with show producer Contact Exposition Management Inc.).

Also, be sure to get on the information list of the sponsoring organizations so you can find out the details of their various meetings:

SWANA–Ontario, contact Wally Wells: call 416-229-4646 fax 416-229-4692

OWMA, contact Nancy Crawford: call 905-829-8585 fax 905-829-8181

The Compost Council Canada, contact Susan Antler: call 416-535-0240 fax 416-536-9892

Written by Guy Crittenden, editor-in-chief of this magazine.

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