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BOMAG's Largest Refuse Compactor

Delivering the size and compaction force needed to tackle the workloads of the largest capacity landfills, the BOMAG BC1172RB refuse compactor includes BOMAG's exclusive premium wheel/tooth design and performance warranty.

Delivering the size and compaction force needed to tackle the workloads of the largest capacity landfills, the BOMAG BC1172RB refuse compactor includes BOMAG’s exclusive premium wheel/tooth design and performance warranty.

Powered by a 536-horsepower, water-cooled Deutz diesel engine, the BC1172RB boasts a 120,000-pound operating weight. Offering 100-percent maximum gradeability and travel speeds of more than seven miles per hour, the refuse compactor includes four-wheel independent hydrostatic drive to ensure superior tractive effort in virtually all working conditions.

The one-piece, chill-cast wheel teeth feature a high-strength, wear-resistant material in the upper three-quarters, or contact area, of each tooth to enhance component life. The lower quarter of the tooth is constructed of a softer material for ease of welding to the wheel. Premium teeth are warranted against wear-out for five years or 10,000-hours, while premium wheel drum structures are warranted for 10 years or 20,000-hours.

Four 55.1-inch wide wheels, each with 72 teeth, provide compactive force in all directions — both laterally and beneath the tooth tip. The offset rear wheel design allows front and rear wheel segments to track between each other for continuous-width crushing, kneading and compaction. With two passes, the unit can effectively cover an area more than 19 feet wide.

A center-articulated joint, designed to withstand extreme conditions, provides a 40 degree steering angle, while an oscillating feature allows 15 degree movement, keeping all wheels in contact with the ground for increased traction and compaction control. To further enhance maneuverability, the BC1172RB features a 120-inch inside turning radius.

The machine is built with a sealed-tub design that eliminates the need for belly pans and protects drive components from damage. Two adjustable scraper bar assemblies per wheel prevent refuse build-up to ensure maximum tooth penetration. Also, two wire cutters per wheel protect against wire wraparound and subsequent damage to the seals and other components. It comes standard with a 17-foot leveling blade and delivers 99,000 pounds of pushing force. The blade adjusts from two inches below grade to 54 inches above.

The operator’s cabin features controls that enhance user performance and comfort. With tinted safety glass throughout, the cabins offer superior all-around visibility. An easy to understand control layout and electronic joystick steering make operation simple and comfortable, while a load-sensing system provides smooth, light steering and blade control.

Operation of the BC1172RB is virtually fatigue-free with an ergonomically designed work environment that includes industry low cab noise of less than 75 dba, cab heating, heated and air-suspended seat, AM/FM stereo cassette and air conditioning. In addition, the machine’s ventilation system draws air through a fine filter and slightly pressurizes the cab to provide a comfortable work atmosphere and prevent the entry of polluted air into the operator’s area.

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