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York and Durham EA workplan approved

In a news release entitled "Minister Commends Regions For Their Commitment To Made-In-Ontario Solutions For Waste D...

In a news release entitled “Minister Commends Regions For Their Commitment To Made-In-Ontario Solutions For Waste Disposal” Ontario Minister of the Environment Laurel Broten has announced the approval of the Work Plan for Environmental Assessment for York Region and Durham Region. The two large densely populated areas to the north and northeast of the City of Toronto are cooperating in finding a disposal alternative for the regions’ post-recycling, post-composting municipal waste. The solution might eventually include a waste-to-energy plant that could burn between 250,000 and 400,000 tonnes of garbage residue per year.

Durham and York have approval to proceed with the development of a 35-year plan that will mean local solutions for the wastes they currently ship to Michigan, Environment Minister Laurel Broten announced.

“I congratulate the regions for having the foresight to develop a long-term waste management plan and for seeking local solutions,” Broten said. “Sending waste to Michigan or anywhere else outside Ontario is not an acceptable long-term solution.”

The minister has approved the regions’ terms of reference (ToR), which will serve as a work plan for an environmental assessment (EA) to look at a number of options for dealing with their wastes.

The EA will consider a range of processing technologies and treatments, including the latest thermal technologies, to identify a preferred system for managing wastes that remain after diversion.

“We are very pleased to have the government’s support on this environmental assessment,” said Durham Regional Chair Roger Anderson. “Thanks to the leadership of the Honourable Minister Broten, we can now move forward with the Durham/York Residual Waste Study. With this work plan approval, the regions can now work towards a plan that delivers a made-in-Ontario solution for waste disposal.

“The Residual Waste Study allows us to continue building upon the programs which complement our waste diversion strategy, including the new Green Bin program being launched in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa,” Anderson added.

“Getting to 60 per cent waste diversion by 2011 is a critical component of the regions’ long-term waste management plans as it should be,” Broten said. “With their residents help, I am certain they will achieve their goal.”

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