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Workshops on haz-waste and LDR

Two one-day workshops will be held April 23 and 24, 2008 in Mississauga, Ontario on the topics "Hazardous Waste Man...

Two one-day workshops will be held April 23 and 24, 2008 in Mississauga, Ontario on the topics “Hazardous Waste Management and Land Disposal Restrictions Are You in Compliance?”

(Detailed agenda below.)

The organizers write:

The field of hazardous waste management in Ontario is becoming increasingly complex and is placing an ever expanding onus on all parties involved including generators, carriers, transfer and disposal facility operators. Initiatives such as pre-notification, mixing restrictions, derived from rules, land disposal restrictions, recycling restrictions and the requirements of the Hazardous Waste Information Network registration process all add to the cumbersome task. The new Landfill Disposal Restrictions (LDR) are placing significant, new, responsibilities on generators and service providers alike.

These two one-day workshops are designed to help participants navigate through the plethora of rules and regulations at the federal and provincial levels, that are necessary to ensure compliance. Day one is designed for those who need to develop knowledge about the
whole hazardous waste compliance field, including an in depth knowledge of Ontario Regulation 347. In Day two a strong emphasis is placed on development of a managed
system to ensure compliance with the new Landfill Disposal Restrictions (LDR). The programs have been developed in a modular format to address the needs of both new and experienced participants alike.

Day One Hazardous Waste Compliance

CEPA & Pre-notification
TDG and UN requirements
Ontario Regulations 347 & 558
Physical and Chemical Properties of Classification
Waste Characterization Methodologies
Analysis Techniques, Chains of Custody
Waste Class Codes and Numbers
Registration and Manifesting
Characteristic & Specified Wastes and Schedules
Mixing, Blending and the Derived From Rule
Derived From Rule
Exemptions and Recycling
Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN)
Small Quantity Generators
Load Refusals
Part V Applications (Certificates of Approval).

Day Two Landfill Disposal Restrictions

Land Disposal Restrictions
Storage Restrictions
New definitions
New diagnostic criteria
The use of TCLP
Pre-Treatment of wastes
New Notification and Reporting requirements
Re-assessment and re-registration of wastes
Stream deactivation
Small Quantity Exemptions
Soils and Debris
Generator Registration for LDR
Alternative Treatment Technologies
Waste Analysis Plans and Pro-forma
Chains of Custody
Record Retention

For further information or to register, call 905-320-3861 or email

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