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WDO exec hires lobbyist Chris Benedetti

Solid Waste & Recycling magazine has confirmed that Glenda Gies, Executive Director of Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO...

Solid Waste & Recycling magazine has confirmed that Glenda Gies, Executive Director of Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO), has retained the services of government relations person Chris Benedetti. Benedetti is a registered lobbyist in the Province of Ontario who represents a range of industry clients, several of them with an interest in the issues with which the WDO develops policy.

The WDO is the agency to which the Ontario government has delegated the task of developing and recommending stewardship programs for the province. The WDO oversaw development of the program via which industry “stewards” fund 50 per cent of the net cost of blue box recycling across Ontario. The WDO has recommended programs for used oil, scrap tires, and waste electronics (“e-waste”). A program for household hazardous and special waste was recently approved by the government.

Solid Waste & Recycling magazine asked for clarification about Chris Benedetti’s role.

“Sussex Strategy has been retained to provide strategic advice to the WDO Executive Director,” replied Gies, “to support the Executive Director’s interaction with the media and with members of the Government of Ontario, other than the Minister of the Environment to whom WDO reports.”

According to the lobbyist registration website, Chris Benedetti has been hired by Waste Diversion Ontario (Registration Number: CL0674-20080411200421).

Benedetti’s other clients include:

o Procter & Gamble Incorporated Registration Number: CL0674-20041116161111 (Proctor and Gamble is on the Board of Stewardship Ontario and the MHSW IFO)

o Proctor and Gamble Pharmaceuticals Registration Number: CL0674-20080414100456 (Same as above)

o Refreshments Canada Registration Number: CL0674-20040823130806 (Refreshments Canada is on the Board of WDO)

o Sony of Canada Ltd. Registration Number: CL0674-20040823120859 (Sony is on the Board of Ontario Electronic Stewardship [OES])

o Canadian Tire Corporation Registration Number: CL0674-20080310160352 (Canadian Tire is on the Board of Ontario Tire Stewardship [OTS] — the scrap tire Industry Funding Organization [IFO])

o Food & Consumer Products Canada (FCPC) Registration Number: CL0674-20070416200410 (on the Board of WDO and Stewardship Ontario)

Chris Benedetti is also the Chair of the Recycling Council of Ontario — which has a seat on WDO.

For further information, contact:

Chris Benedetti
Vice President, Public Affairs
Sussex Strategy Group
101 Yorkville Avenue, Suite 203
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1C1
Tel: 416-961-6611 x104
Fax: 416-961-9935

Glenda Gies
Executive Director
Waste Diversion Ontario
Tel: 416-226-5113
Fax: 416-226-1368

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