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Topic alerts available on waste management issues

Did you know that Solid Waste & Recycling magazine offers "Topic Alerts" to readers?

Did you know that Solid Waste & Recycling magazine offers “Topic Alerts” to readers?

What is a “Topic Alert”? Every time a news item is posted on the magazine website under Headline News, it’s specially coded according to a series of categories such as “Landfill Operations & Systems” or “Recycling Equipment & Services” or “Environmental Law, Policy & Enforcement.”

By subscribing to our Topic Alert service, every time we place a news item on the website that’s coded with the categories that you tell us interest you, you automatically receive an alert about the news item in your email.

This is a very useful service if you’re in the waste management, recycling, composting or related businesses and need to keep tabs on what’s happening, yet can’t always find the time to check our website every day. Instead of getting inundated with junk email, you only get alerts related to the type of relevant, high-quality news that you need the most.

To find out more about Topic Alerts, contact our customer service department:

Email or call 416-442-2122 (Toronto) or 1-800-668-2374.

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