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Shanghai waste and cleaning expos

SWET 2006 -- The 3rd Shanghai International Solid Waste Equipment & Technology Exhibition

SWET 2006 — The 3rd Shanghai International Solid Waste Equipment & Technology Exhibition

CET 2006 — The 3rd Shanghai International Cleaning Equipment & Technology Exhibition

Shanghai Exhibition Center, China
October 17-19, 2006

Your organization is cordially invited to exhibit or visit the above exhibitions.

Why Shanghai?

As a center for major economic activities in China and the host of 2010 World Expo, Shanghai has shown its charm as a modernized city with fast and sustainable economic and social development. Therefore, it has become a focus of business opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises.

In recent years, the city appearance and environmental sanitation in Shanghai has embarked on a new period of development. A comprehensive system for collection, transportation, treatment and reclamation of municipal solid waste has come into being; the reduction, reclamation and hazard-free treatment of domestic waste is in stable enhancement; and the investment, construction, operation and management of projects is striding towards marketization, diversification and internationalization.

Some advanced establishments have been set up in Shanghai. For instance, two domestic waste incineration plants have been constructed with a daily waste treatment capacity of 2500 tons, which has succeeded in generating electricity through incineration so as to recover the energy out of the waste. A comprehensive treatment plant, combining automatic separation and biochemical techniques, has been established with a daily waste disposal capacity of 1000 tons. Three domestic waste transfer stations have been built with a daily transfer capacity of 1500 tons.

Furthermore, a number of regional treatment plants of kitchen waste have come into operation. A great number of modern facilities have been developed. For example, the exploitation and application of rendezvous technology between the large- and small-sized suction-type excrement tankers have boosted excrement transfer capability in high-density areas in the city. The successful development of high-pressure road washer has effectively reduced dust fall and improved road cleanness. The development of small-sized collectors with storage batteries has eliminated noise and leakage generated by waste collectors upon their entrance into living quarters. The development and application of automatic weighing system for domestic waste has not only terminated the period of rough estimation of the load of waste trucks and ships and entered upon the period of actual weighing and computation, but also realized real-time transfer of data from weighing sites, which facilitated monitor, control, toll calculation and account settlement of waste weighing system.

The construction of city cleaning system has been improved continuously. The quaternary cleaning system consisting of city’s plain, facade, dimensional and moving surfaces has been established with the cleaning of roads, water areas, buildings, public toilets, greenbelts, vehicles, residential quarters and public establishments. Undertaking waste collection and transportation as well as road sweeping and cleaning, over 4000 sanitation vehicles, including waste trucks, suction-type excrement tankers, sweeper trucks and cleaning tankers, are shuttling through the city presently.

The products, technology and services in the following categories are encouraged to be displayed at SWET 2006 & CET 2006:

— Facilities and technologies on sorted solid waste collection

— Vehicles and technologies on the collection and transportation of solid waste

— Facilities and technologies on reclamation and comprehensive utilization of solid waste

— Facilities and technologies on landfill, incineration and biochemical treatment of solid waste

— Treatment facilities and technologies on the treatment of odor and liquid engendered during the collection and treatment of solid waste

— Containers and technologies on the collection and storage of solid waste

— Facilities and technologies on treatment and recycling of waste water and sewage

— Public toilets and mobile lavatories in the city and relevant technologies

— Cleaning of roads and vehicle sand relevant technologies

— Facilities and technologies on square clearing and cleaning

— Facilities, material and technologies of cleaning and maintenance of external walls of buildings

— Ship and technologies on water area cleaning and supervision

— Facilities and technologies on city appearance supervision

— Facilities and technologies on various cleaning

— Various sanitation, cleaning and disinfection products

— Relevant design, consultation, media, periodicals and magazines

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