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RCBC clarifies position on Ashcroft landfill

The editorial "The Fall of the House of Ashcroft" in Solid Waste & Recycling magazine's most recent editi...

The editorial "The Fall of the House of Ashcroft" in Solid Waste & Recycling magazine’s most recent edition (August/September) closely associated the efforts of environmentalist Helen Spiegelman in opposing the proposed Ashcroft Landfill in B.C. with the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC). Although Ms. Spiegelman is an RCBC board member and although the RCBC advocates aggressive waste diversion, it was inaccurate to imply that the RCBC organization specifically opposes the proposed Ashcroft Landfill, which it does not. Our magazine regrets this confusion, and reproduces the RCBC’s letter to its own members to provide clarification. ed.

Dear Members:

RE: Ashcroft Landfill

We have received a number of calls about the editorial in the August/September issue of Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine that refers to the "RCBC cohorts" who had worked to bring down the Ashcroft landfill. As those of you who have followed this issue will know RCBC’s position has been one opposed to waste, not opposed to landfill. At no time did RCBC take a position against establishing the Ashcroft Ranch Landfill. We did however use the issue as an opportunity to promote waste reduction.

In various letters to the media and in our presentations to the GVRD Solid Waste Management Committee we promoted the enforcement of existing bans and the support of in-place stewardship programs to extend the life of existing landfill facilities. In particular, we urged the GVRD "to make a renewed commitment to ensure that there are effective policies in place by the opening date of the proposed Ashcroft Ranch Landfill to divert from GVRD disposal facilities materials that have been banned from landfill and materials for which product stewardship programs exist."

Copies of our published Letters to the Editor and our presentations to the GVRD are posted on the RCBC website for your review.

Please note that RCBC had no contact regarding this issue with the provincial Ministry responsible for placing the Ashcroft Ranch Landfill on hold pending a review of the GVRD Solid Waste Plan.

While RCBC sees landfills as a necessary and primary component of current waste management practice we are committed to waste reduction. We want to focus on reducing the waste not determining where to put it.


Natalie Zigarlick, Executive Director
Michael Schellinck, President
Bert Monesmith, Vice President

Contact RCBC at 604-683-6009

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